Maple Ice Cream! Our Treat to Our Guests on Thanksgiving~

Executive Pastry Chef Felicia Jablonski Shares Her Special Recipe

As if Thanksgiving wasn't already special enough at Vail Executive Pastry Chef Felicia Jablonski shares her magical recipe for Maple Ice Cream that guests will enjoy with their Thanksgiving Feast!


1140 g Milk
3 Vanilla Beans (split & scraped)
170 g Heavy Cream
86 g Milk Powder
80 g Glucose Powder
240 g Sugar
4 g Ice Cream Stabilizer
240 g Yolks
40 g Invert Sugar
200 g Maple Extract

1) Scald the 1st 3 ingredients.
2) Whisk together the next 4 ingredients & add.
3) Mix the yolks & invert sugar.
4) Add to hot milk mix & bring to a boil.
5) Add extract.
6) Rapidly chill in an ice bath & refrigerate overnight to develop flavor.
7) Remove vanilla pods, buerre mix & process in the ice cream machine.