Vail Cascade to Host Craft Beer Seminar with Breckenridge Brewery

America’s growing obsession with craft beer is rooted in our refined taste for handcrafted, small-batch brews that favor quality over quantity. Unlike the style of the megabreweries that dominate the industry, craft breweries like Breckenridge Brewery, are prized for their innovation, individualistic approaches and traditional ingredients.

As home of Vail’s craft beer and creative cuisine, Vail Cascade, a premier Vail mountain resort, is excited to provide unrivaled adventures through the world of handcrafted brews by providing seminars throughout the year to help you explore more of our wonderful world of craft beer. Join us this weekend as we have the privilege of hosting Breckenridge Brewery’s celebrity brewmaster!

Explore the world of craft beer with celebrity brewmaster, Todd Usry.  Todd is the Brewmaster, Director of Operations, and Director of Sales & Marketing for Breckenridge Brewery. We invite one and all for a fun and informative look at beer and the craft beer revolution from one of the true experts! 

Todd will be in the Fireside Bar in Vail Colorado on Friday, February 24th from 5:00-7:00pm for an informal meet and greet. On Saturday, February 25th starting at 3pm in Atwater on Gore Creek, Todd will offer a one-hour educational seminar showcasing four of his favorite Breckenridge beers, as well as discussing his brewing process, ingredients, flavor profiles, and the “story” behind each beer.  It’s guaranteed to be a fun and “tasteful” look at craft beer!  Sample these beers and explore more about Vail Cascade’s craft beer program!  Savor craft beer, one pint at a time!

Both events are FREE and open to the public.  There is seating for 50 attendees; first come first served so don’t miss it!

Learn more about Breckenridge Brewery.

Call 970.479.7014 for more information or click here to see our full list of craft beer or see our special dining offers in Vail.