The Destination Dish Features Atwater on Gore Creek’s Curry Spiced Tempura Asparagus Roll

Destination® Hotels & Resorts has challenged our chefs across the country to take part in The Destination® Dish. Each month, Destination® Hotels & Resorts selects one ingredient and each chef must create a recipe using the chosen ingredient and feature it in their menu that month.  This month, the chosen ingredient is asparagus.

Vail Cascade, a Vail mountain resort offering premium condominium rentals in Vail, is pleased to be featured in this month’s article.  Jay Spickelmier, Chef at our Vail Colorado restaurant Atwater on Gore Creek Restaurant, has created a Curry Spiced Tempura Asparagus Roll. 

Jay first joined the Vail Cascade Resort 10 years ago and after working in many fine-dining restaurants, he returned “home” to the Cascade in May 2011. In current his role as Chef at Atwater on Gore Creek, Jay has become an integral part of the culinary operations of the resort.  

While working at a Japanese Restaurant, Jay developed a fondness for Asian-inspired cuisine, and this remains a significant influence in his culinary creations. His experience and the skills he’s garnered while working at fine-dining restaurants over the past 18 years are his most trusted tools. Jay’s philosophy is “cook with your heart!” 

For Jay’s featured recipe, go here.