The Destination Dish: Vail Cascade's Raspberry Duck Breast with Tuscan Kale Spring Roll

Destination Hotels & Resorts has challenged our chefs across the country to take part in The Destination Dish. Each month, Destination Hotels & Resorts selects one ingredient and each chef must create a recipe using the chosen ingredient and feature it in their menu that month. This month, the chosen ingredient is raspberries. 

Vail Cascade, a Vail mountain resort offering premium condominium rentals in Vail, is pleased to feature this mouth-watering dish, Raspberry Duck Breast with Tuscan Kale Spring Roll created by Jay Spickelmier, Chef at our Vail Colorado restaurant Atwater on Gore Creek. This dish is a combination and a testament to Jay’s work experience. The dish includes a little Asian, classic French and a St Louis tangy BBQ married together to enliven the senses and instill well being.   

6 Maple leaf farm duck breast or purchase from your market 

Optional Garnish ideas:
1 clam shell fresh raspberry
2 Tb freeze dried raspberry
1.5 oz neutral Pop rocks
1 cup Yellow baby celery leaves

BBQ Sauce:
1 cup Raspberry purees
1 cup firefly raspberry tea vodka
2 cups raspberry sherry vinegar
½ cup mustard seed
4 bay leaves
2 yellow onion
1 cup roasted garlic
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup red chili paste (homemade is best)
¼ pound of butter 

Spring Roll:
1 package of egg roll wrappers
2 each carrots julienned
1 bunch Tuscan kale julienned
2 quarts Napa or green cabbage shredded
2 cups miattake (hen of the woods) mushroom sliced
½ cup raspberry sherry vinegar
½ cup flour mixed with a little water to form a thick paste for sealing roll.

Put a napkin on the bottom and on the top covering the spring rolls in your holding pan. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Braised celery:
½ pound whole butter
½ cup chicken stock
1 quart diced celery
Salt and pepper to taste 

Trim duck breast of any excess fat, score fat diagonally creating lines through fat.  This keeps the skin from shrinking too much when cooking the skin side down.  For best results use a cast iron pan on med- low heat to start. You should cook the duck breast 90 % on the skin side.  This allows the duck skin to get crispy.  The duck breast should only take about ten minutes to cook.  Don’t start until everything else is ready.

Caramelize onions with butter; add bay leaves, mustard seeds, chili paste, brown sugar and caramelize together. Deglaze with raspberry vodka, raspberry sherry vinegar and then add the remaining items.  Stir and let simmer for an hour over low heat. Blend and strain sauce or just leave it rustic. For this dish I did not blend the sauce.

Spring Roll
For sweating the vegetable use a large rondo. Pour a thin layer of oil into the rondo on med-high heat. Put all of the vegetable into the hot rondo and stir, do not get color on the vegetable.  You only want to sweat the moisture content out. Season the vegetable with a little salt and pepper, than add the miatake mushrooms, followed by the vinegar. Let the vegetable sauté for about a total of 6 minutes depending on the heat level. Put the veg into a perforated pan and place another pan on top, with 3 #10 cans on top, to press the remanding excess moisture out. After the mix has cooled you are ready to roll.   

Pull all of the egg roll wrappers apart first, laying them stacked back on top of each other. Cover with moist towel if you walk away. Place 1.5 oz of the vegetable mix about a third of the way up from one corner. Fold the corner over the vegetable and roll half way, fold the sides in, spread a little flour paste on top to seal and finish the roll. Place a clothe napkin on the bottom of your holding pan and cover with a dry napkin. Set aside for service with a 350 degree fryer. 

Pinenut Emulsion
Toast 1 cup pine nuts in oven for 6 minutes at 325 degrees. Blend in a food processor with two to three tablespoons raspberry vodka. Blend until smooth and creamy. Season with salt and white pepper.