The Destination Dish: Apple Pie Recipe

Destination Hotels & Resorts challenges our chefs across the country to take part in The Destination Dish. Each month, Destination Hotels & Resorts selects one ingredient and each chef must create a recipe using the chosen ingredient and feature it in their menu that month.  This month, the chosen ingredient is apples. 

Vail Cascade, a Vail mountain resort offering spacious hotel guestrooms and premium condominium rentals in Vail, is pleased to feature this scrumptious dessert, Cinnamon Apple Pie with Sweet Potato Bourbon Ice Cream created by Adam Smith, Lead Line Cook at our Vail Colorado, signature creek-side restaurant Atwater on Gore Creek. This dish is sure to enliven your tastes buds and is available all month long at Atwater.

Take your taste buds on a sensory journey as you savor creative American cuisine paired with an eclectic list of craft beers at Atwater on Gore Creek. Our Cinnamon Apple Pie with Sweet Potato Bourbon ice cream is the perfect complement to one of our craft beers. You’ll be under the influence of an indulgently paired craft beer and this sweet confection.

Cinnamon Apple Pie with Sweet Potato Bourbon Ice Cream

Servings: 6

Ap Flour, 1 kg
Butter, 500 gr             
Sugar, 300 gr                              
Whole Eggs, 2
Cold Water, 100 ml                      
Salt, 5 gr                                                                

Apple Granny Smith Applies, Peeled-Sliced, 6
Flour, 2 t
Butter, 3 t   
Brandy,1 t  
Sugar, 1.25 cups    
Salt, 2 pinches        
Cinnamon, 2 gr           
Nutmeg,1 gr             
Lemon Juice. .5 ea                  
Gran Mariner, 1 t                             

Half and Half, 1 qt                  
Sugar, 200 gr       
Cinnamon Stick Toasted, .5 ea   
Nutmeg, 1 pinch 
Egg yolks, 10 ea              
Salt, 1 pinch
Bourbon, 100 ml
Sweet Potato Puree, 300 gr     

Sablee flour and cold butter, add sugar and salt. Next add the eggs and the incorporate water until forms a dough.  Do not add all of the water at once. The finished dough should be eyeballed for appropriate hydration. Wrap in plastic for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Portion and roll out to the size of a pie tin.

Toss peeled sliced apples with brandy, sugar, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon juice, Gran Marnier.  Use ½ the flour to dust the bottom of the pie crust, and then fill with the coated apples without adding the liquid.  Dust the top of the apples with flour and add the butter so evenly dispersed. Cover with top crust and bake for 25 minutes at 350 deg F.

Ice Cream
Heat half and half  with cinnamon and nutmeg. Add sugar, salt bourbon, and sweet potato puree to egg yolks and mix until incorporated.  Next add the half and half into the egg yolk mixture and place back on gentle flame until nape. Strain and spin in the ice cream machine until desired over run is achieved

Sweet Potato Chip. Chocolate Pearls

Optional Garnish Ideas
White Chocolate, Apple Chip, Caramel, or Marshmallows

You’ll truly enjoy this fun and interesting dessert.  Bon appétit!