Mud, Suds and Sustenance at Altitude - Tough Mudder and Craft Beer Beckons You to Vail

Life is full of challenges and rewards. Lucky for you, both collide in the Vail Valley this month as Tough Mudder Colorado comes to town and the Vail Cascade Resort elevates suds and sustenance to rewarding heights. Check out your event calendar and if this month lacks a little excitement, libations and Colorado cuisine, head to the Atwater on Gore Creek for your rightful dose. 

One Tough Mudder Buffet in Colorado

Heed your belly's call and join Atwater on Gore Creek's Kitchen Warriors for one tough mudder buffet pre- and post-event. For only $14.95, indulge in worthy dishes like the Power Up Penne Pasta, Coliseum Competitor Caesar Salad, Machine Maker Garden Fresh Green, Broken Leg Garlic Bread Sticks and more. The buffet will be served from 6pm-8pm Fri., June 14-Sat., June 15. Check out the Tough Mudder buffet in Atwater and make reservations by calling 970-479-7014.

Sudsy Rewards

If you consider a sudsy pint a fitting reward, then prepare to have your cup runneth over. Home to the Vail Valley's most diverse selection of craft beer, Atwater on Gore Creek and Craft Beer Program Creator, Laura Lodge, have assembled a marquee batch of brewmasters to cool off with this summer. From Brewmaster's Weekends and complimentary Wednesday Craft Beer Tastings to a new Sip, Savor & Brew experience, Vail Cascade serves up the suds and sustenance while Vail doles out the outdoor inspiration. For a complete listing of June craft beer events, check out our Vail event calendar.  

Cicerones in the Making

Anyone can pop a cap and pour a craft beer, but only a Cicerone Certified Beer Server (CCBS) can expertly guide patrons that need help ordering a great craft beer. The Cicerone Certification Program offers independent assessment and certification so that industry professionals—as well as consumers—can be sure of the knowledge and skills possessed by their beer servers. In Atwater on Gore Creek, there are several servers enrolled in the program and slated to earn certification this summer. So next time you're dining on property ask to speak to a CCBS for an enhanced craft beer experience at altitude!

For more information on our dining events in Vail, check out our event calendar of dining deals in Colorado or call 970-479-7014.