AC Golden Brewery Adds Holiday Hops to the Last 2013 Brewmasters' Weekend

This holiday season, the Vail Cascade Resort is sharing the gift of hops and sustenance. This weekend, Steve “Fletch” Fletcher from AC Golden Brewing Co. will be in Vail to wrap up the 2013 Brewmaster's Weekend series for a 'Meet the Brewmaster' social on Friday and a seated 'Small Plates & Craft Beer' pairing on Saturday.

Occasionally, menu development tastings for Brewmaster’s Weekends end up with a primary culinary theme; however, in the case of AC Golden, their beers not only inspired an initial Colorado theme, but the beer's diverse flavors took the chefs in various directions that led to a deliciously diverse ensemble of pairings.

AC Golden Colorado Native was the first beer tasted, and was the last to have a definite culinary direction. This 100 percent Colorado-made beer inspired a range of flavors that spanned from lamb to jerky and Indian spices, including honeysuckle flowers. It was after working through the rest of the menu that the team decided on Chef de Cuisine Jay Spickelmier’s initial suggestion of lamb. The dish will be a Spicy Lamb Sopa with Corn Puree, Candied Jalapeño, and Cilantro Chimichurri.

The AC Golden IPL is the second beer in the evening's lineup. Its grapefruit notes and hoppy profile generated discussion revolving lime, mandarin orange, white/light fish and vanilla beans. Sous Chef Adam Smith suggested the idea of a ‘beggar’s purse,’ which unanimously resonated with the team. The purse will be stuffed with Cod, Fondue Leeks, and Shiitake Mushrooms with a little Orange Zest for pizzazz.

Next up was the AC Golden Framboise Noir, whose bright notes and sour bite brought to mind goat cheese, spinach salad, and marcona almonds for Executive Chef Todd Bemis. This initial concept evolved slightly to incorporate artichoke hearts, resulting in a brulèed Honey Goat Cheese Stuffed Artichoke Heart with Tarragon Bacon Caramel Vinaigrette and Toasted Almonds.

The final course of the evening is designed around AC Golden’s 100 percent Whole Wheat Bock. This beer elicited a myriad of different ideas, covering many flavors including red stone fruit, a Rueben, hearty game, unripe berries, good coffee, lingonberries and more. The discussion swirled around, evolving into Beef Stroganoff served in a Puff Pastry Croute, Juniper and Plums.


For more information on our craft beer events in Vail, call Vail Cascade Resort at 970-479-7014.