This Summer Enjoy Localvore Dishes in Atwater on Gore Creek

Elevated, refined and inspired by fresh, local ingredients, dishes come to life with delightful twists and bursts of flavor. Amid a unique mountain setting overlooking Gore Creek, our authentic Colorado grill and restaurant, Atwater on Gore Creek in Vail, Colorado offers a distinctively different take on creative Colorado cuisine.  

Eat local. Eat what’s in season. Eat organic.  This summer, enjoy localvore dishes in Atwater on Gore Creek.  What does localvore mean, you ask?  Localvore is a one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible.    The localvore movement in the United States and elsewhere was born as a result of interest in sustainability and eco-consciousness.

There are lots of good reasons to eat locally grown and produced food:

  • It helps support the local economy; local businesses and food produced locally keeps the money in the local economy
  • It’s better for your health as the foods require less processing and use of chemical preservatives, pesticides and pollutants; better for you and for the environment
  • Buying fresh and organic food and products in your area increases relationships with local farmers and businesses
  • Less resources are required in packaging and transportation, reducing the carbon impact
  • The food tastes better! 

Atwater on Gore Creek, Vail’s signature creek-side dining experience, is pleased to offer localvore dishes each season based on the availability of the best products grown locally.  This week, try our Grilled Artichoke Localvore Salad with grilled whole artichokes tossed with baby spinach, raspberries, raw cashews, and topped off with goat cheese, frisée, and raspberry vinaigrette.

Other localvore dishes on this summer’s menu include:

  • Colorado Lamb Meatballs
  • Chopped Kale BLT Salad
  • Sweet Pea Tarragon Ravioli
  • Herbivore Artisan Pizza
  • Mango Glazed Lamb Gyro

Innovative, interactive and customized to your level of adventure, each one of Atwater’s artisan menus come to life through complex ingredients, passionate presentation and the quintessential culinary experience. Designed to reflect Vail's organic beauty and pay reverence to the creek that inspired it all, Atwater on Gore Creek's dining embraces the region's natural elements.Atwater was designed to reflect Vail’s organic beauty and pay reverence to the creek that inspired it all. Savor the rich flavors of creative American cuisine and perfectly paired handcrafted beer for a dining experience unlike any other.

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