A Message of Gratitude from Aria's Yoga Supervisor, Libby Maio

Thank you yogis for a great summer. As the new Supervisor of Aria Athletic Club's yoga program, I am really proud of the dedication you show for your practice. The overall strength of our community is impressive and it is apparent in every class. All the Aria yoga instructors are excited for their classes because you show up with open minds and enthusiasm. Our yoga community is growing and we will be able to offer more special events and classes because of you. We are hoping to continue to host as least two workshops a month drawing from our expertise within and are toying with the idea of starting FAYC up again this Winter. Thank you yogis...I am grateful for all of you.

Aria's Featured Yoga Teacher and Student of the Month

Featured Yoga Teacher: Beth Esser
Beth turned to Yoga several years ago, after suffering from misaligned hips, resulting in low back pain and neck stiffness. Beth shares, "Yoga has brought balance back into my body and my life. It has become a mainstay of my workout regime, the benefits carrying over into all areas...inspiring me to share the gift with others."

“I believe that Yoga is for everybody and everybody. My intention isn't to tell the class what to do; but rather to lead, giving them suggestions, encouragement and keeping them safe; by following YogaFit’s Seven Principles of Alignment.” Beth ensures her classes are delivered in a light-hearted, user-friendly manner, which is approachable by individuals at any level of fitness.

Beth has been in the unique position to be able to lead practices in bothVail, Colorado, and New South Wales, Australia. Beth says, “The common thread I’ve found is that Yogis are genuinely nice people, with open hearts and open minds. Yoga enables me to reconnect with the kinder, more compassionate, happier side of myself, and to be able to project that happiness onto all the living things, that I come into contact with. I truly enjoy being part of the Aria Yoga Community.”

Beth Esser is a Certified YogaFit Instructor and a 200hr RYT. She leads practices Thursdays @ 5:30pm and Saturdays @ 9:00am at the Aria Spa.

Beth Esser

Featured Yoga Student: Tim Edwards
After years of saying that Yoga just wasn't his thing, Tim finally tried a short practice geared towards Snow Sports. To his surprise, he could feel the positive effects, even after a day of 'beating himself up' on the mountain. Intrigued, he sought continued Yoga instruction...lucky for him he didn't have to go much further than his own living room!

Through regular practice, Tim's enthusiasm for Yoga has grown along with his flexibility. Tim states, “I’ve always thought I had fair core strength and balance; but even those areas have improved through Yoga.” With his easy-going demeanor and upbeat attitude, Tim has encouraged countless friends to enjoy the benefits of a regular Yoga practice and is fast becoming a favorite of the Aria Yoga Instructors.

Now, this 'Happy-go-lucky' Aussie even has his own travel mat that he brings along on surf, and snowboard trips alike.

Tim Edwards

September and October Substitutes:
Aria welcomes you to come in and try out a new teacher or enjoy an extra class witha  teacher you love.

9/19 noon: Emily K.
9/22 9am: Chelsea
9/25 Noon:  Libby
9/27 8am: Karen
10/4 8am: Karen
10/4 Noon: Chelsea
10/8 Noon: Emily K.
10/10 Noon: Emily K.
10/15 Noon: Elena 

Upcoming Workshops and New Classes

September and October Workshops: ($20 members/$25 non-members)

September 29, 2013:  Budokon Yoga l 11am - 1pm in the studio with Tara
October 20, 2013:  Budokon Yoga l 11am - 1pm in the studio with Tara
October 26, 2013: Manadala Practice l  4pm - 6pm in the studio with Libby

New class:
Men’s Stretch Class 5pm on Mondays: For men by men. Taught by our newest addition Mike Hannigan.

We hope to see you soon!


Libby Maio
Yoga Supervisor
Aria Athletic Club


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