Achieve Supreme Awareness and Enlightenment with Yoga at Aria Athletic Club & Spa

Choose from Aria's expansive variety of Vail yoga classes as well as special yoga workshops and wellness weekends.

The Aria Yoga Program would like to thank those of you that came out for our Breast Cancer Awareness classes. Between Libby and Tara’s two yoga workshops we were able to donate over $200 to the Shaw Regional Cancer Center as part of the Pink Vail program.  YEAH! A special thanks goes out to to Tara for donating her time.

Featured Teacher: Linda Osterberg
I have always been a very active person and from my first yoga class 20 plus years ago I was hooked. I was nearly obsessed with yoga as a physical practice. Whatever opportunity presented itself I took. Why not? Yoga asana is so much fun and there is so much to learn. I practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa, Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, and spent many years dedicated to Anusara Yoga. When you love something you naturally want to share it, right? I began to teach in the 90’s and over the next 15 years I attended many teacher trainings.  I am so grateful to have studied with many great teachers.

I realize now how long it takes to truly integrate what we learn.  I am no longer tied to any particular style of yoga. I have gone back to the basics in my practice many times because of the demands of life, work or injury but always come back to it, deeper and stronger.  Through hard work, dedication, and the good fortune of great mentors I have become more aware of what will help me feel and be my best on and off my mat.

What gifts has my practice given to me? What does yoga mean to me?  What do I hope to offer as a yoga instructor? The ability to move through practice and life off the mat from the center, physically with strength, stability, and ease, emotionally with equanimity and a sense of humor, and perhaps most importantly to support, empower and inspire each other to live a life we love".

Featured Student: Diana Johnson
Diana Johnson has been a dedicated student of yoga since 1997 when she started practicing Yoga for Athletes at the Aria Club with Argie Tang. As a strong 81 year old yogi Diana came to her mat to avoid body and joint pain as she aged. She soon became addicted to yoga and believes everyone should come to their mats for the health benefits yoga provides. You will not only see Diana on the mat but in Barre and Spin classes too. She is a skier and volunteers for the World Cup and Rummage Sale every year.  Her favorite pose is Warrior I.  Diana loves all the teachers at the Aria and promises to keep coming to her mat as long as she can.

Class Schedule changes:

  1. Margeaux’s  Monday 8am class will be changed to “All Levels”
  2. Mike Hannigan will now be teaching the noon “All Levels” class on Wednesdays
  3. The Men’s Stretch class will resume Nov. 25th at 5pm taught by Mike Hannigan 

New Classes beginning in December:

  • NEW Level One class Wednesdays from 5-6pm
  • NEW Meditation for Everyone class Wednesdays from 6-6:30pm

These classes will be taught by a rotation of Elena, Karen, Libby and Linda

Thanksgiving Day:
The Aria Yoga Program will host one class on Thanksgiving Day. Elena will teach an All Levels class at 10am for 90 minutes as part of the Turkey Day Quadrathlon.

Workshops: $20 members/ $25 non-members

Substitute List:


  • Thursday, November 14th 5:30pm: Chelsea
  • Saturday, November 16th 9am: Libby
  • Tuesday, November 19th noon: Mike H.
  • Wednesday, November 20th 8am: Tracy
  • Tuesday, November 26th 5:30pm: Tara
  • Thursday, November 21st 5:30pm: Chelsea
  • Saturday, November 23rd at 9am: Jan
  • Tuesday, November 26th 5:30pm: Mike H.
  • Friday, November 29th noon: Chelsea


  • Sunday December 1st 9am: Chelsea
  • Tuesday, Dec. 3rd noon: Mike H.

Thank you for your continued support of our yoga program!

Libby Maio | Yoga Supervisor
Aria Athletic Club & Spa




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