Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Beginning to Fizzle Out?

You’re not alone – according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 45% of American adults make New Year’s resolutions each year, and only 8% reach their goals.  Following these 5 steps can put you closer to making your 2013 resolutions happen and we’ll help you get there faster!  At the award-winning Aria Spa & Club, Vail Valley's largest health and wellness center, we’re renowned for our precision approach to personal fitness and all-encompassing wellness.

  1. Set smart goals.  Your goals should contain an action, a number, a frequency, and a deadline.  For example, “I will walk on the treadmill (action) for 45 minutes (number) 3 times (frequency) this week (deadline).
  2. Identify and overcome your roadblocks.  Write down the biggest barrier that stands between you and your goals.  Is it lack of time?  Lack of motivation?  Then brainstorm a realistic way for you to overcome it.  Work out during your lunch break or hire a personal trainer to take the guesswork out of your workouts.
  3. Deal when life gets in the way.  Find what motivates you to avoid letting a lapse become a relapse.  Hang an inspirational quote by your desk or join a fun, high-intensity class.
  4. Get accountability.  Find a friend, family member, trainer, or health coach who will make sure you are working toward your goals.
  5. Monitor and track your progress.  Keep a log of how your goals are going.  When you reach them, think about what kept you on track.  When you fall short, think of how you can overcome the barriers that kept you from being successful.  And don’t forget to reward yourself!

For more information or to schedule a session, contact Taylor Hagan, Registered Dietitian and personal trainer at Aria Spa & Club

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