Aria Athletic Club believes finding the right teacher is key to your yoga success

Achieve supreme awareness and enlightenment with Yoga at Aria Athletic Club. Aria's expert yoga instructors will help you connect mind, body and spirit while you become more flexible, energetic and at peace - even in the midst of a stressful environment.


The guide to finding a suitable teacher?
He or she will have three simple but rare qualifications.

  • They practice yoga themselves.
  • They have a good teacher themselves.
  • “They care about you and are not arbitrarily imposing standardized practice philosophy or culture on you. Such a person can show you the yoga that is right for you…the teacher is a friend.” - Mark Whitwell

Get to know your teachers off the mat
Read short biographies about your teachers and learn about their lives when they are not teaching yoga. You’ll gain a true insight into the person.  Aria Athletic Club & Spa is pleased to have a plethora of outstanding yoga instructors, on and off the matt.  Here’s a short bio from each of our instructors. 

"My love for nature and outdoor activities brought me to Vail in 2000. I enjoy all the benefits of living in the mountains and believe in compassion and love for all living things. I have been teaching yoga for over ten years in the Valley living in East Vail with my boyfriend and dog Daisy. I strive for a higher sense of self-awareness through the practice of meditation, non-judgment, love and gratitude."

"I have been teaching yoga since 1999.  My classes combine the internal and external alignment of my teacher Richard Freeman with the hatha raja vinyasa of yogi Sri Dharma Mittra.  A student of Buddhist meditation, I enjoy annual month-long silent meditation retreats.  I’m a backpacker, telemarker, and travel addict. I will teach with an open mind and a sense of humor."

"I am a jewelry designer, ski instructor and a certified Purna Yoga instructor. I am hosting a teacher training this fall in Vail and plan on moving to Redmond, Virgina to be closer to my teacher."

"I am a registered yoga teacher / registered nurse, and teach a vinyasa based yoga practice that focuses on maintaining healthy physical alignment and traditional yogic philosophies. My goal is to help others move with strength and grace in mind, body, and spirit. I am also passionate about being outdoors and enjoying the mountains."

"As a Yogafit Certified Instructor, I have had the opportunity to share the gift of yoga with all walks of life, both here and abroad. I believe that yoga is for everybody and every body. It has allowed me to re-ground, re-energize, and re-connect, both with my Self, and nature. Yoga has helped me to become a nicer person. I strive to give students what they need individually, so that they can leave class feeling better, than when they walked in. We do yoga so that we can do the other things we love better and onger. I love my dog and husband who I have bonded deeply with since practicing yoga together."

"I have been a student of meditation and yoga for over 30 years. I have been teaching the 6am yoga classes at Aria since 1999. I have studied with many master teachers in both the Buddhist and yogic traditions and my classes are always different reflecting participants’ requests, work body and mind, and emphasize the power of direct observation and attention. I have two children and have been a clinical social worker counseling and coaching in the Valley since 1993."

"I am a mother of two and an artist and jewelry maker at home.  I have been a school teacher for the past twelve years, especially indulging myself as an art teacher.  I recently finished my master's degree in art education from Boston University. If not teaching art, you can find me in the yoga studio.  I hope to see you soon on the mat for a rocking good time!"

"I was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana, Geaux Saints. I love to cook and entertain friends with her favorite fiancé as much as possible. I also enjoy reading about yoga, spirituality, health, balance, food, community, love and US weekly (I has a thing for celebrity gossip). Come one Come all to yoga and begin or continue your inner revolution."

"I have found physical healing and a deep connection to my own breath through yoga, as well as so much more.  I began teaching in 2009 after completing her 200 hour training in vinyasa flow.  I am continuing to study with love, and practice all disciplines of yoga.  I also love to share “the best gift you could ever give yourself."

"I have lived in Vail for 33 years.  I have my own practice of acupuncture and have been practicing for nearly 15 years. I have enjoyed yoga since 1994, starting in San Diego with a Richard Freeman master (Ashtanga). I enjoy anything outdoors, skiing, biking, golfing, hiking, and beach activities." 

"I have lived in the valley for the last ten years and feel so dang lucky. My days are full of skiing, biking, hiking, swimming, blending smoothies, playing with my doggies and taking and teaching yoga. Biggest Strength: I genuinely like other people, Biggest Weakness: Cheese or Chocolate (so hard to choose!)"

"I have a deep love of life, being active, spending time in nature and learning. I am always looking for ways to keep it fresh. For 30 years I have owned and run Mountain Frame in Vail. I am 500RYT and believe 'the guru does live within'."

"I was born in Colorado but grew up on the East Coast in New Jersey and New Hampshire. After moving back to Vail in 2008, I fell in love with the Vail Valley all over again.  My passion is health and wellness, with a hearty appetite for good vegetarian food, wine, travel and anything outdoors. I’m recently married and when not teaching yoga I work as a real-estate broker for Slifer Smith and Frampton." 

Hatha-Raja Yoga Class with Charry
The Aria Yoga Program is happy to welcome back Charry Morris! Please come enjoy a class which will include breath work, vinyasa style yoga in the tradition of Dharma Mittra, deep relaxation, but most of all, laughter and friends. We can’t wait to see old friends and meet new ones!  All levels welcome.

  • June 29, 4-6-m
  • July 5, 5:30 pm
  • July 7, 11am-1pm 

Don’t forget to start your day with a clear mind and relaxed body. Namaste!

Libby Maio
Yoga Supervisor
Aria Yoga Program

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