Aria Athletic Club & Spa Congratulates Patti Hyre

Congratulations to Patti Hyre for successfully completing her Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certification. As the largest fitness training center in Vail, Aria Athletic Club & Spa is elevating the standards for fitness training in Vail. 

Patti and the training staff have been working hard over the past 5 months studying and practicing for the FMS certification.  Patti is the first of four trainers to test and achieve this higher level of certification! 

Once the remaining 3 trainers pass their FMS certification, Aria will be the only fitness center in the Vail Valley that has its entire staff holding both Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certifications, and nationally recognized higher level Training/Coaching Certifications! 

The FMS certification is a quantitative movement screening tool that revolutionized the fitness industry in the past few years.  This screen enables trainers and physical therapists to effectively identify movements/areas of concern and systematically improve movement patterns.  This structured approach is scientifically proven to simultaneously decrease injury risk and improve fitness/health.

Congratulations Patti!  Your dedication to fitness and the team are greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Mike Benedict, CSCS, RSCC
Director of Athletics & Fitness
Aria Athletic Club & Spa

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