Aria Club at Vail Cascade Produces Some Tough Mudders

In case you haven’t heard of the Tough Mudder at Beaver Creek, Colorado, it’s one of the ultimate tests of competition for all-around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. With a starting elevation of 8100 feet, the 10-mile obstacle course, designed by British Special Forces encompasses challenges like electric shocks, polar plunges, eight foot walls, barbed wire crawls, mud pits, and the patented FireWalker gauntlet of flames. This is a tough as tough gets, gut-wrenching, hold on to your pants competition!  It’s truly one of the most difficult mud-runs on the circuit and competing in it is not for the faint of heart.  You have to be in REAL shape to get through it and only those that finish earn the right to be called one TOUGH MUDDER. 

This past weekend, some of our fiercest Tough Mudders from Vail Cascade Resort & Spa finished the event and proved that all their training and hard work at Aria Club paid off.  The award-winning Aria Spa & Club is the Vail Valley's largest health and wellness center, and is renowned for its precision approach to personal fitness and all-encompassing wellness. You too, can achieve your fitness goals with the help of Aria Spa & Club's certified Vail personal trainers. Using the latest and most innovative techniques, Aria's fitness trainers conduct a variety of tests, including our BioSpace Body Composition Analyzer, and then establish a customized workout routine designed to meet your mental and physical wellness goals.    

Obviously, our personal trainers know what they’re doing.  If you can finish the Tough Mudder, you know your workout routine has prepared you for anything.  Now having added the FitWall and TRX Suspension Training studio to its list of state-of-the-art training tools, you too, can GO VERTICAL IN VAIL with the Rocky Mountain’s only high-altitude functional/vertical suspension apparatus, literally engaging over 200 muscles at one time.  YOU are the MACHINE!

So come in, try out the Club, and who knows….maybe next year, you can become ANUDDER TOUGH MUDDER.

Visit for more information or call 970.476.7400.

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