Aria Club Offers Nutrition and Weight Monitoring

Yes, yes, Aria Club is known and well-recognized as the largest training and fitness facility in Vail. And yes, Aria Spa has been awarded as a top resort spa in the US by Condé Nast. But there's more to Colorado's mountain spa and club. Aria Spa & Club brings mind, body and spirit into balance with pampering spa treatments, invigorating workouts PLUS a focus on a well-rounded healthy life.

Interested in learning how to incorporate nutrition and weight monitoring into your life? Look no further. Aria Spa & Club is here for you.

As a registered dietitian and personal trainer at Aria Spa & Club, Taylor Hagan helps athletes maximize fitness training in Colorado by designing integrated fitness and nutrition programs. Through this program, clients will learn how to optimize training and workouts through meals, supplements, and proper nutrient ratios and timing. Hagan is also experienced in weight management, meal planning, and prevention or management of chronic diseases. 

Nutrition and weight monitoring sessions at Aria Spa & Club, Vail's most comprehensive wellnes center, are available by appointment only and are $83 per hour or $350 for the “Eat Well, Be Well” fitness package, which includes a one-hour initial consultation and five 30-minute follow-up sessions.

For more information or to book a session, call 970.476-7400 or visit

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