Aria Club Welcomes Registered Dietician Taylor Hagan

There are so many great benefits to incorporating a dietician into your fitness regimen. Nutritionists and registered dietitians offer reliable information about healthy eating, diet plans and meal preparation. Aria Club recognizes the importance of taking your personal fitness goas to the next level and have hired Taylor Hagan, a registered dietician (and personal trainer!), to help you reach your personal best.



Taylor Hagan firmly believes that fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, and her experience as both a Registered Dietitian and ACE-certified personal trainer will quickly have you on your way to reaching your goals.  She has experience working with a variety of individuals – from Division I collegiate athletes to those seeking chronic disease management and weight loss – on nutrition.  She loves partnering with people to help them work through their food and nutrition concerns while taking into consideration personal schedule, budget, and health goals.  In her personal training practice, she enjoys giving clients well-rounded workouts focused on strength, endurance, and cardiovascular function.

“Proper nutrition is essential for meeting any health & fitness goal!” - Taylor Hagan.


  • B.S. Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri
  • Registered Dietician    
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Achieve your fitness goals with the help of Aria Spa & Club's certified Vail personal trainers. Using the latest and most innovative techniques, Aria's fitness trainers conduct a variety of tests, including our BioSpace Body Composition Analyzer, and then establish a customized workout routine designed to meet your mental and physical wellness goals.

 Contact Taylor today at 314-620-9284 or

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