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Practice Meditation

“The space between my thoughts is as narrow as a mouse whisker and as tiny as a pinhole. Or there is no space at all – mind hijacked by overlapping monkey banter whooping in my ear. In yoga, that same space opens as wide as the ocean and as silent as the deepest sea”. - Julie Rapport

Featured New Teacher: Bronson Killpack Tells His Inspirational Story

"Well hey there all you beautiful Yogis. Bronson William Killpack here! I am so very excited to be here at Aria's Yoga Studio at the Vail Cascade. I cannot describe fully what this opportunity to teach yoga means to me but do believe I can show you through the passion and love that I will bring to each and every class I lead.

My formal introduction to yoga started in December of 2011, just five months after a very serious head injury from a skateboard accident nearly took my life. I was air lifted to Denver Health on a helicopter. I can’t begin to tell you how well they took care of me. I went through five major brain surgeries over 2-½ years. The first two were within 24 hours of the accident.  I spent the first few weeks after the accident in an induced coma. This was needed to allow by body time to stabilize and begin healing. 

I remember coming out of the coma. There was this light, not the light of the hospital room but a deeper light of understanding, of direction, of comfort, of knowing. It would take time but I knew it would all be ok! Sometimes, it’s the bumps in life that help one refocus on what is important. One of the outcomes of the accident was that I connected with yoga. It’s really more than that…it was a coming together of many experiences of my life.  Living in northern Utah I learned to snowboard at an early age, learned to love the mountains and being outdoors.  It was also having a mom with the connection to the vibration that really drives the world; the universe. It was moving to Delaware as a teenager that reinforced I belonged in the mountains. All these things came together in a way that led me to know that yoga was for me.

That light I saw coming out of the coma is still with me today. I can’t imagine being in any other place, doing any other thing than connecting with you through yoga. You are vibrant beings. I love practicing with you at my side, practicing next to me...just down dogging it. I love you all."


Bronson Killpack  

FAYC (Friday Afternoon Yoga Club)

FAYC (Friday Afternoon Yoga Club) The Friday Afternoon Yoga Club is back at 5:30pm every Friday. Enjoy a specially-themed one hour yoga class taught by one of our experienced instructors at the Aria Yoga Studio. Join us directly after for “Apres” and receive a free cocktail and 20% off small plates at Atwater on Gore Creek. Non-members are also welcome so being a friend for just $20.

New this year… the student who attends the most FAYC yoga classes will win a one month free membership to the Aria Athletic Club. So get into the studio, on to your mat and do something good for yourself!

July FAYC Schedule

  • July 11th: Happy Healthy Twisting with Jan
  • July 18th: Fluid Backbends with Tracy
  • July 25th Embodying the Warrior with Elena

July Schedule Changes

  • Friday 8am class had been extended to 75 minutes
  • Sunday 8:45am class will be held in the studio and run from 9-10:15am

July Substitute List

  • Sunday, July 13th 9-10:15am: Trinity
  • Friday, July 18th 8am: Geordy
  • Wednesday, July 23rd noon: Nicola
  • Saturday, July 26th 9-10:15am: Lindsea
  • Sunday July 27th 9-10:15am: Trinity
  • Sunday, July 27th 5-6:30pm: Lindsea

Hope to see you soon!

Libby Maio
Aria Yoga Supervisor

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