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Dear Yoga enthusiasts,

Happy Holidays!  Well that’s a loaded statement! Sometimes the holidays aren’t so happy as we run from event to event, shop in the crowed stores, wait in long lines at the post office and feel the stress of the season. That is why Aria yoga teachers encourage you to take time for repose.  

Repose means rest, finding freedom from worry and peace of mind, it means stillness. So take advantage of our Level One and Gentle Stretch Yoga classes offered daily. Also join us weekly for our Sunday Restorative class and don’t miss our Level One and Gentle Stretch Yoga classes offered daily. To help reduce strell and allow for a happy holiday, join us for Tara’s special workshops in December: ANJALI RESTORATIVE YOGA WORKSHOP, SATURDAY DEC 14 and BUDOKON YOGA WORKSHOP, SUNDAY DEC. 29. Peace.

Written by Julie Rappaport
Rest in the pause between breaths.
Pause in the rest between thoughts.
Bask in the space between words.
Stop in the stillness between time. 

Special Events: Aria Yoga Studio

Flow in The Dark Yoga Practice: December 31st 7-8:30pm New Year’s Eve.  Ring in the New Year with this special yoga class taught by Tracy Long. With fun music, glow bracelets and a champagne toast at the end it will be a great way to welcome 2014 with yoga. Cost: $14 for members with the first 10 people to sign up you'll get to bring a friend for free. Guests $20.14. 

New Year’s Cleanse with Chelsea: Saturday, January 4th 4-6pm.  Join Chelsea for a supported week long detox cleanse including a kick off yoga class, Nutri Clean Supplements, meal plan, shopping list and nutrition advice and support. Start your New Year on a healthy note.  Cost:  TBD

Featured Teacher: Chelsea Winters

"I was first introduced to yoga about 12 years ago and have been practicing since.  A long time vegetarian with a passion for the outdoors, it was a natural fit.  An active person, initially drawn to the physical practice, the movement of the asanas and the strengthening aspect.  In lieu of an aerobics class or elliptical machine, this became my workout. 

As I did more yoga and my practice deepened, I soon became aware of the mental and spiritual changes that yoga was having on me.  How my whole attitude and outlook could shift from a single yoga class.  Who would think that a pose like Shavasana, forcing a type-A like me to take a time out and relax, could change my whole world?

I enjoy the yoga postures, and the burn one feels in their muscles when holding a pose, but I find that the true reward of yoga is what occurs off of the mat.  Yoga has taught me many life lessons.  It has taught me presence and breath and has made me more aware of my natural surroundings.  It has taught me to pause and appreciate the little things, and how truly small we are in this big world. 

Working in the stressful world of real estate, yoga has given my life balance.  A chance to pause and remind myself to be present.  Over a year ago, I received my yoga teacher certification at Yandara Yoga Institute- this one choice has changed my life.  Deciding to teach has been one of the best gifts I could have given myself and those around me.  It just feels good.  To me, the best remedy for a busy day or a busy mind is yoga.  I am truly honored to be part of Vail's yoga community". 



Featured Student: Mike Eng

Mike Eng is originally from Virginia but a long time local, living in the Vail Valley since 1978.  Mike practiced yoga off and on from time to time after taking his first class at the Cascade with Charry years ago, but just recently in the last year became committed to his practice.  Consistently practicing three days a week at the Cascade, Mike rarely misses a class. 

With a love for skiing and the mountains, Mike finds a lot of similarities between yoga and skiing.  Both offer a moving meditation, a chance to tune in- both make you feel good.  He is drawn to the deep stretch one gets when practicing yoga; yoga is a way for Mike to get ready for skiing, building strength and flexibility in the body.


Upcoming Workshops: $20 for members/ $25 for non-members

  • Saturday, December 14th 4-6pm: Anjali Restorative Yoga taught by Tara
  • Sunday, December 28th 11am-1pm: Budokon Yoga taught by Tara
  • Saturday, January 11th 4-6pm: Anjali Restorative Yoga; Chakra Sequence taught by Tara
  • Sunday, January 19th 11am-1pm: Root Chakra Balancing taught by Emily Moyer
  • Sunday, January 26th Budokon Yoga taught by Tara

December Substitutes:
Sunday, December 15th 9am: Chelsea
Friday, December 20th 8am: Libby
Friday, December 27th 8am: TBD
Sunday, December 29th 9am: Emily M.
Monday, December 30th 8am: Chelsea

January Substitutes:
Monday, January 20th noon: Chelsea
Tuesday, January 21st 6am: Beth
Thursday, January 23rd 6am: Beth

Thanks you for your continued support of Aria's Yoga Program.

Cheers to the holidays,

Libby Maio
Yoga Supervisor
Aria Athletic Club & Spa



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