Benefits of Ski Conditioning at Aria Club in Vail, Colorado

Winter sports provide great enjoyment for everyone who participates in it, either as a recreational activity or as a sport. But the physical demands placed upon the body by the daily exertion, and the environmental factors, can stretch even the strongest personal constitution. There is nothing worse than having a great day on Vail Mountain and looking forward to the next day, but on waking up you have great difficulty in getting out of bed due to muscle soreness!


By participating in Aria Club's Ski Conditioning program before your ski trip or before the season starts, you can reduce the aches and pains and increase the FUN on the slopes. Also, pre-skiing training should reduce your chances of having an injury, which can put a damper on even a weekend ski break.

Aria Club's Ski Conditioning six-week program runs October 8-November 15. Don't wait too long to sign up, space is limited.

For more information and to register, please call Aria Club at 970.476.7400. 

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