Bloom Into Spring All You Yogis and Yoginis

Namaste! Spring season is upon us in Vail, Colorado. We hope that many of you are able to enjoy some time off or just enjoy some respite as we begin to unwind from winter and bloom into spring in the Vail Valley. 

Taking a Relax Deeply class is a great way to teach your parasympathetic nervous system to turn on and enjoy some deep relaxation and calm!  And, if you desire to rev it up and keep that energy moving into our glorious spring season in Vail, try Athletic Yoga. For those of you desiring to stretch, breathe and find mindful movements in your stiff, maybe "not so yoga-like" body, Yoga with Stiff Peeps is a must!  Are you an early riser? Rise and Shine Yoga helps you to start your day off right!  Achieve supreme awareness and enlightenment with Yoga at Aria Spa & Club. Aria's expert yoga instructors will help you connect mind, body and spirit while you become more flexible, energetic and at peace - even in the midst of a stressful environment. Choose from Aria's expansive variety of Vail yoga classes as well as special yoga workshops and wellness weekends.

Yoga Studio Etiquette

  • Arrive quietly and be on time
  • If you are late, please wait until the teacher waves you in
  • Remove your shoes
  • Be mindful of others and share space
  • If you must leave early, do so before Savasana
  • Clean your mat and surrounding area
  • Place all props back with care
  • Get to know someone new!
  • Have FUN!
  • At Aria Club, we carry a new environmentally-friendly homemade mat spray
  • If you use two mats, roll them tightly and separately

See you on the mat! Much Light!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built.”  -Rumi   

To register or learn more about Yoga in Vail, please call Aria Spa & Club at 970.479.7400.

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