Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit at Aria Athletic Club & Spa’s Yoga Program

Let Aria's expert yoga instructors help you connect mind, body and spirit while you become more flexible, energetic and at peace - even in the midst of a stressful environment. Aria Athletic Club celebrates its yoga teachers and students for their success and dedication to their practice. 

August Featured Yoga Student: Pam Zuckerman
Pam started her Yoga practice in the fall of 2001. Her initial reasons were to provide a balance from her main activities of running and cycling, and to improve her core strength. Pam became hooked very quickly, and it became a regular practice for her.  Yoga has helped increase her flexibility, and has given her both mental and physical strength.  Jan travels quite a bit for work and has a very active life. 

Pam states “Yoga energizes and calms me in a way that nothing else can.  I appreciate the knowledge and commitment that my various instructors have shared with me over the years.  Jan Livergood was one of my early instructors who brought the understanding of proper alignment and flow to my yoga practice. It became a solid base for me to build on and improve.  The Aria Yoga Program has evolved to be one of the best in the Valley.  I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of it".

Pam Zuckerman

August Featured Yoga Teacher: Jan Livergood
Jan has been experiencing yoga since 1994.  She started in San Diego with a Richard Freeman teacher, and moved to Boulder in 1997 to finish her degree in science.  She started practicing yoga at Richard Freeman's studio in Boulder, the Yoga Workshop and spent approximately 9 years there.  She finished her undergrad work at CU Boulder, and then went into Oriental Medicine, finishing her doctorate at SouthWest Acupuncture College in 2002. 

Jan spent 6 months in Asia working at hospitals: China, Vietnam, Thailand & Korea.  She now owns her own practice here in Vail, located in the Vail Run Building. She has been teaching at Aria Athletic Club & Spa for 11 years.  Jan’s focus is with Ashtanga/Vinyasa flow, and with her medical background, she’s very aware of proper alignment and safety.

Jan Livergood

Aria is pleased to offer several new workshops and classes coming soon! Be sure to check out these upcoming yoga workshops, and our wide array of invigorating yoga classes.

Back Bending
Sunday, September 1, 11am – 1pm
Instructor:  Tracy Long

Stepping into the Space of the Heart: an exploration into symmetrical and asymmetrical back bending.

One of the Sacred Epics of all time, the Bahagavad Gita, emphasizes that we must be true to ourselves. Backbends are inspiring and passionate poses which can take us way off course and away from our center. Once the conversation has begun between the body, the heart, and the mind the questions cannot be unasked, the insights cannot be forgotten and the answers or the fruits of our actions truly cease to matter. But our personal relationship to back bending is changed forever. Please join Tracy for this evolutionary workshop intertwined with myth.  $20 members/$25 non-members.

Saturday, September 14, 10am-1pm
Instructor: Libby Maio

Hike up the West Grouse Trail for about one hour and arrive at a beautiful view of the Gore Range. Here, we’ll practice a one hour hike-based yoga class focusing on legs, hips and gluts. No mats, hands touching the earth and connecting with the elements of nature. All levels welcome and well behaved dogs too! See you at the trail head.  $20 members/$25 non-members.

Bukdokon Yoga
Sunday September 29, 11am-1pm
Instructor:  Tara

Tara will be teaching a two-hour Bukdokon Yoga class infusing yoga with martial arts. This workshop is sure to get your heart racing and will give your yoga practice a new dimension.  $20 members/$25 non-members.

Returning in September

Men’s Stretch Class
Monday nights at 5pm!  

Bukdokon Yoga 
The last Sunday of every month from 11am - 1pm. 

Stay tuned for more details. 

“Yoga is the fountain of youth.  You're only as young as your spine is flexible”.
-Bob Harper


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