Freedom to Flight Vail Yoga Workshop: “Turn Yourself Upside Down”

Remember being a kiddo and standing on your hands was like playing on the playground; a no brainer and super fun!  Get your kid-self ready for this Freedom to Flight Workshop at the Aria Yoga Studio on June 21st from 5:30-7:30pm at Vail Cascade Resort.

Handstands, headstands, and even arm balances can be scary but, while they can be intimidating, they can be invigorating!  Keeping a light heart and an optimistic perspective is the best way to see life and to try new things. 

Aria’s Yoga Program Director, Kristina R. Kuzmich, heads up this explorative and playful workshop, helping you to find and keep light. 

$10 members/$15 for non-members 

Call 970.476.4700 for more details or go here for more details. 

Aria Spa & Club’s yoga program allows you to achieve supreme awareness and enlightenment. Aria's expert yoga instructors will help you connect mind, body and spirit while you become more flexible, energetic and at peace - even in the midst of a stressful environment. Choose from Aria's expansive variety of Vail yoga classes as well as special yoga workshops and wellness weekends.

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