Get Your Sun on at Vail Cascade, a Premier Vail Mountain Resort

As we are rounding the bend out of winter and into our summer season, Vail Cascade, offering Vail vacation packages, should be a destination on everyone’s bucket list. We have a saying around these parts – “You come to Vail to ski, but wind up staying because of summer.” 

Not only is the weather beautiful in Colorado – temperate with no humidity – there is so much to do in this Colorado mountain resort town for families, groups and anyone looking for an alpine getaway. Below are just a handful of activities in Vail that anyone can enjoy at our fabulous Vail hotel:

  • Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival. Imagine yourself sitting on soft green grass listening to the New York Philharmonic, Dallas Symphony or Philadelphia Orchestra with a beautiful mountain in the background. 
  • How about a horseback ride through a field of wildflowers. Or play tennis with one of our certified tennis pros in an outdoor court situated along Gore Creek.
  • For the more adventurous, why not navigate through white-capped river rapids.  Or better yet, careen down Vail Mountain on a bike conquering summer’s version of a double black diamond trail.
  • Stroll through our European-like Vail Village enjoying a farmer’s market with fresh fruit and vegetables from local vendors.
  • For those that would rather “take it easy”, enjoy a spa treatment in Aria Spa and then sit pool side by the river soaking up the sun.  Or maybe fly-fish with one of Vail’s outfitters for the catch of the day.
  • Gather a group of your best friends for a mountain getaway and share one of our spacious condos or private homes. Ranging from 2 bedrooms to 5, we can accommodate just about any size of group.

There are many Vail hotels. However, no matter what your idea of summer may be, Vail and Vail Cascade have it all. Come experience why the locals originally came here to ski but wound up staying to enjoy the summers. Visit our photo gallery and check out what our guests are saying about their Vail Cascade stay. Book your Vail getaway online today!

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