Greatness at the Vail Cascade

Vail Daily honors the Vail Cascade with annual "Best of Vail" awards

We were so pleased to see in an insert in this week’s Vail Daily listing the “Best of Vail” awards!  Vail locals (and some visitors) chime in for a “people’s vote” to determine the must-visit places around the area, and once again the Vail Cascade concierge team, Aria Spa and Aria Fitness have been recognized.  Winning “Best Concierge”, the team sites that a good concierge “has patience, listens intently, gives good suggestions, is flexible, thinks outside the box, is willing to give 110 percent, has good contacts, works well with local vendors, very rarely says ‘no’, and treats everyone with respect”  Whew!  That’s all?  From experience, we have watched the team go far above and beyond their own definition, and we congratulate Steve Trombetta and Sharon Geankoplis as well as the entire stellar concierge team on their special recognition.
With all of that hard work and play, no wonder that the concierge team, and all other visitors of Aria Spa need a top-notch place to chill.  Aria Spa won 3rd place in the “Best Spa” category.  The sanctuary area of the spa is tranquil yet rejuvenating, and the perfect retreat to recharge tired batteries.  The spa treatment menu has every option for body and soul that one can think of—make sure you swing by!
Rounding out the best-of awards in the Vail Daily is the admiral 3rd place win for “Best Gym” by Aria Spa & Club.  With 78,000 square feet of cardio fitness machines, dedicated Pilates and Yoga rooms, racquet sport courts, an outdoor pool, a basketball court and much more, it is easy to see why it might have won an award—but the real standouts are the people who guide you through your experience while working out.  Friendly and helpful, they are the fitness pros you want to know.

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