Happy Valentine's Day Yogi's & Yogini's of ARIA CLUB

"There is no greater gift that you can give to the world than the loving acceptance of your own soul's journey...the choice is yours, to continue along the path of the past, or accept the invitation to engage..."

Make this day of LOVE about giving to your heart center and reach out to others in a compassionate and courageous way!

Did you know that the Latin root 'cour" of courageous means "of the heart"...
Showing our love for ourselves and for others can be scary at times, taking time to know ourselves and love ourself, mistakes and all, helps us to take the courageous leap to shine our hearts to the people in our worlds. Step up and enjoy this LIFE!!!  Reach out to someone you haven't talked to in some time and see how they are; show your love in kind words, compassionate deeds and a willingness to be open to new ideas, suggestions and/or people.  This "Hallmark" day doesn't have to be about an ooey gooey love sesh, it can be what you make it!  As with all things in life, you have the power to make it amazing.  Manifest what you desire, what you need and let the universe sprinkle her love all over you, like sweet white snowflakes glistening upon your face! 

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Happy Day of Love and Courage; of Heart and Lightness!

Kristina R Kuzmich,  RYT. LMT.
Vail Yoga Program Supervisor
Vail Cascade Resort: ARIA Club & Spa

Yoga. Massage. Meditation.

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