Locavores rejoice at the Cascade

A recent group enjoyed local fresh menu items at Atwater on Gore Creek

A recent meeting group at the Vail Cascade Resort was treated to an exceptional “green” dining event.  Not only was the food primarily organic, 98% of the food sourced within 100 miles qualifying in the popular “locavore” category (people who desire to eat food that is gathered within a local range of less than 100 miles).  Banquet Chef Brian Busker was the creative genius for the edible “dirt”, made from dehydrated mushrooms and olives that served as a base for colorful roasted vegtables.  Come visit Atwater on Gore Creek at the Vail Cascade for more delicious and unique healthy-for-the-planet (and healthy for you!) breakfasts, lunches and dinners!  Call 970-479-7014 for reservations.


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