Looking at the sunny side of the snow

Late spring snow equals some good news

It’s official:  this was one of the snowiest Aprils on record for Vail!  Some locals loved it, some….not so much, but there is a really interesting angle to this unusual weather.  Allow me to explain:  It seemed to me that snowy weather had been welcoming itself to extended stays for the past couple of years, but I chalked that up to me getting older and feeling like I may have gone past my allotted life-time snow-shoveling hours (I’m sure we all have a pre-determined limited number of moguls our knees can ski and loads of snow removal listed on some invisible list in the cosmos).  With this spring’s large, late dumps of the white gold, I actually looked into some recorded facts and figures, and it’s true…winter has been sticking around past many previous Vail ski mountain closing dates in previous years.
This is actually a really good thing!  Seriously--I know my local friends are waiting for the punch-line, as their sandals and shorts sit patiently in their closets, but the up-side is that Easter next year is quite late (April 24), and that is typically right around the time the ski mountain closes.  So will we have tremendous snow all the way until the latest ski slope closing date I can remember?  If I knew that answer for sure, I’d be rich…but the odds are good that we’ll be enjoying great snow for the duration.
So don’t be afraid to plan your trip for next spring now; Mother Nature will enjoy your support!  Be sure to check our specials page on this site, and never hesitate to give us a call for a more personalized answer at 800-420-2424.

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