The Importance of the Overall Spa Experience

Spas are popping up everywhere and they come in all sizes and variations. In fact, it wouldn’t be unheard of to come across a hotel/resort spa, day spa, club spa, and medical spa within a 20-mile radius. And that doesn’t take into account sole practitioners, massage schools and sporadic mall masseuses that work you over between shopping jaunts. With so many choices, why do consumers pick one spa over another?

Some consumers want to take advantage of a special promotion, try a particular service or they enjoy the spa’s amenities. Others choose a spa for its location or because a friend or professional referred them to it. Regardless of the reason why they go, one common reason that keeps them coming back is the spa experience.

Savvy spa directors understand the importance of high-touch consumer relations and know that ongoing, meaningful interaction between a spa and its guests can positively drive new revenue opportunities and build guest loyalty, which in today’s economy is priceless.

At Aria Spa at the Vail Cascade Resort, we strive to work with our team of therapists to create a mountain sanctuary guests can visit to naturally restore mind, body and soul balance. We continuously work with spa retailers and influencers to learn about new treatments, service breakthroughs and natural/organic products we can incorporate into Aria Spa in Vail to keep the spa at the forefront of industry trends. A strong believer that spa visits are more than just a treatment, Aria Spa has implemented various spa guest programs and initiatives to enhance a guest’s spa experience. 

Whether you desire beauty, clarity, invigoration or pure relaxation, Aria Spa offers you the opportunity to be healthy in body and mind through a wide range of signature treatments, mini-packages, and half-day/full-day Vail Colorado spa packages, all inspired by the natural beauty of the majestic Rockies. Aria's Sanctuary features a central fireplace, distinctive artwork and comfortable furnishings that include hand-carved chaise lounges. The Sanctuary's inviting decor prepares your senses for a rejuvenating journey. Enjoy relaxing music, sip organic herbal tea and reflect and enjoy a respite for yourself. And, with spa specials offered regularly, Aria Spa has grown to be one of Vail Valley’s premiere spas, most recently ranking 24th on Condé Nast Traveler’s Top 100 Resort Spas – U.S. Mainland.

For more information on Aria Spa, a Colorado mountain spa, on our spa website or call 970-479-5942.

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