Multi-Million Dollar Guest Room Redesign Blends Natural Beauty with Refined Elegance

Inspired by the beauty of its creek side and mountain setting, Vail Cascade Resort is embarkeding on a multi-million dollar guest room redesign that will bring new found panache to the Vail Valley.

Styled in contemporary mountain elegance, the new guest rooms artfully contrast nature’s sandstone palette with accents of honey gold, tangerine orange and hazelnut brown. Distressed wood furnishings, wrought iron accessories and textured fabrics add rustic cachet while luxurious beds and plush carpeting provide the pampering touch for an upscale mountain retreat. The 292-guest room redesign commences this month, in time to debut as Vail’s newest guest room this winter.

As a favorite Colorado winter vacation destination, Vail Cascade Resort is fortunate to be in one of the most picturesque and striking ski mountain towns in the world. Befittingly, this redesign captures that natural beauty and world-class prestige and continues to treat guests to a genuine Colorado mountain experience indoors. We look forward to sharing our new guest room experience with visitors coming to Vail to be part of the town’s 50th anniversary milestone!

Pulling from the vibrant seasonal hues found in Vail’s landscape, the newly appointed guest rooms feature honeyed custom drapes with snow white sheers that frame breathtaking balcony vistas that keep guests connected to nature. A new deluxe cushioned bed gives comfort polished style with a gold, sun kissed wrap, textured tangerine colored pillows and a nail head trimmed accent headboard. Wall to wall plush carpeting provides respite for active feet while chocolate leather chairs and custom-made sofas invite guests to relax in grand comfort. Guest room furniture boasts naturally distressed darker finishes that contrast the room’s color palette and add rustic appeal.

A custom-designed desk made of hardwood and wrought iron offers an elegantly functional space while an eclectic assortment of contemporary lamps with built-in outlets provide ample lighting for a productive morning or a relaxed, ambient evening. A walnut-trimmed, accent wall covering encases a contemporary backlit vanity mirror that luxuriously illuminates the bathroom and provides pristine, shadow-free reflections. The finishing touch, a collection of impressionist art pieces illustrating Rocky Mountain sceneries completes the Vail Cascade Resort’s contemporary mountain ensemble.

Vail Resorts, similar to Vail Cascade Resort, understands the importance of continued capital investments, even on the heels of one of the most challenging years in the ski industry. With Vail’s 50th anniversary on the horizon, the hallmark of new projects for Colorado this season is Vail’s new gondola, 10-passenger cabins with heated seats and Wi-Fi. The gondola will begin rolling in November and carries an estimated $47 million price tag in maintenance spending, one of the single largest investments for the 2012/2013 season.

To learn more about Vail Cascade Resort, please visit or call 866.808.8834.

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