Namaste Yogis and Yoginis

Aria Spa & Club has been recognized for many awards, including "Best Gym in Vail" by Vail Daily, but we are also known for our yoga studio.

This time of the year can be challenging as winter looms on and the sun is scarce. Keeping positive thoughts will keep you warm and alive! Practicing a mindful meditation either in a class at Aria Spa & Club, or for a few moments during the day will help you achieve balance.  Rather than seeking external stimuli, begin with the internal sense of self and simply make time for YOU!

Here are some ideas to begin:

1. Guided Meditation on your own inner light.
2. Lavender oils and lotions from Aria Boutique combined with warm teas and a good book.
3. Steam, hot tub and/or a hot bath with sea salts to rejuvenate and restore your skin, muscles, mind and soul.
4. Attend Sally's Rest Deeply Yoga Class on Sunday Evenings at 5pm or choose from a selection of yoga classes.
5. Schedule a massage at Aria Spa or exchange massages with a significant other and/or your kiddos.  Sometimes giving love is the best remedy to recharge our batteries!
6. Light a fire or some candles, sit by the fire, listen to some music and lay in Savasana on your floor. Surrender your mind to the music and enjoy the simplicity of doing absolutely nothing.  

Gentlemen, if you have reservations upon practicing some of these, think about this: we all need to be nurtured and cared for and taking time to tap into our parasympathetic nervous system is equally as important as connecting to your sympathetic nervous system.  Therefore, perhaps it is time to take this slogan into your life: "Make Time to Take Time"!

Every Friday at 5:30pm
Each week, delve into a different yoga practice in a fun environment

Friday, February 24th class with Linda:"Riding the wave into the Practice of Yoga Nidra"  

The practice of nidra is sleep with a trace of awareness, where you will be guided into a deeply meditative state. It is important to be completely comfortable so feel free to bring a pillow, blanket and eye pillow if you have one. 

FREE for Members
$15 for Non-Members

Create joyful energy in the heart and mind of your kids through Kids Yoga
4-Week session offered by Amy Archer
Aria Club & Spa, located at Vail Cascade Resort
March 6, 13, 20, 27 
$45.00 ($35.00 for each additional sibling)
Be sure to bring a Yoga mat and water bottle
Ages 4-9 / Class size: max of 10 kids

To register or learn more about these programs, please call Aria Spa & Club at 970.479.7400.

Food for Thought
"Even in the Midst of Movement and Chaos, Keep Stillness Inside of You"
-Deepak Chopra

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