Practice Changing Negative Samskara at Aria's Yoga Studio

“The Sanskrit term Samskara translates as activator. Samskara is like the groove on a record turning around and around in which the needle gets stuck or like an old tape that plays in our mind turning over the same thoughts, impressions and memories. Samskara is a cycle of action and thought that becomes our habits. These habits often feel like fated repetitions. When we feel stuck, it is due to samskara. Yoga in the broadest sense of both practice and theory, concerns itself with the molding of samskara. Refining samskara to such a degree that it becomes a positive force that guides life and energy is yoga. This requires self-inquiry. If approached with this kind of awareness, the practice of asana takes on new meaning and new life.”

- Julie Rappaport -

Featured New Teacher: Lindsea Stowe
Lindsea Stowe's yogic path began on the beaches of Florida and culminated in the mountains of Vail. Moving to the valley allowed Lindsea’s passion for yoga to grow as she was introduced to a variety of styles of yoga. Here, she found Karen Anderson as mentor for both yoga asana and meditation. She was drawn to a traditional style of yoga that allowed her to slow down and explore the breath and depth of the poses. Her formal training under Karen, with influences from Richard Freeman and Dharma Mittra, helped focus Lindsea's inquiry into the unity of the universe and possibilities of the body.

As a new teacher Lindsea has a growing interest in therapeutics and the healing power of yoga. She is constantly growing her home practice and understanding of the yogic traditions with playful ambition. Lindsea will be teaching the Tuesday evening, 5:30pm yoga class beginning June 3rd. Come enjoy her bight, enthusiastic instruction.

21/21 Spring Reset
Bet your wondering why the class tracker poster is hanging in the studio? It is for our 21/21 Spring Reset Program running from May 12-May 31. Yoga Instructor Tracy Long and Wellness Coach Mandy Butera will lead you through a 21 day reset and renew event. The program will encourage a daily exploration of movement, with an emphasis on wellbeing. For 21 days you will receive emails to inspire clean eating, simple living and fresh ideas! This also includes 3 free community yoga classes, Mondays at 8am, at the Aria Athletic Club. Be present, integrate and transform all for $21. It’s not too late to sign up. Let’s track your movement for the next 21 days.

FAYC (Friday Afternoon Yoga Club)
FAYC will begin again June 6th at 5:30pm. Every Friday enjoy a specially-themed, one hour yoga class at the Aria Yoga Studio. Join us directly after class for a free cocktail and food specials at Atwater on Gore Creek. New this year…the student who attends the most FAYC yoga classes will win a one month free membership to the club. So get into the studio, on to your mat and do something good for yourself.

May Substitute List
Wednesday, May 14th noon:  Geordy
Thursday, May 15th 5:30pm: Geordy
Friday, May 16th 8am: Tracy
Saturday, May 17th 9am: Lindsea
Sunday, May 18th 5pm: Tracy
Monday, May 19th noon: Libby
Tuesday, May 20th 5:30pm: Tara
Thursday, May 22nd 8am: Nicola
Thursday, May 22nd 5:30pm: Chelsea
Friday, May 23rd 8am: Tracy
Saturday, May 24th 9am: Jan
Sunday, May 25th 9am: Geordy
Thursday, May 29th 5:30pm: Mike
Friday, May 30th 8am: Tracy
Saturday, May 31st 9am: Libby

Class Changes Happening in June
Lindsea Stowe will be teaching Tuesday evening class at 5:30pm, beginning June 3rd
Mike Hannigan will be teaching Thursday evening class at 5:30pm, beginning June 5th
Chelsea Winters will be teaching Saturday morning class at 9am, beginning June 7th

See you on the mat!

Libby Maio
Aria Yoga Supervisor
Aria Athletic Club & Spa



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