Practice Truth at Aria Yoga Studio

Practice Truth!
“Love truth, but pardon error". - Voltaire

Once you are willing to practice truth and honesty, you will begin to fully know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses. Once you accept yourself for who you are you can set your true inner being free and the world will open to you with love. 

Aria's expert yoga instructors will help you connect mind, body and spirit while you become more flexible, energetic and at peace - even in the midst of a stressful environment. Choose from Aria's expansive variety of Vail yoga classes as well as special yoga workshops and wellness weekends.

Featured Student of the Month: Becca Hendrick
"I always thought I wouldn't get a hard workout by practicing yoga, so I never went. As a runner, I put in a lot of miles on the road, but didn't want to waste my time at a yoga class because I felt like I had to get a cardio workout in instead.  After a few injuries, I decided to try yoga and I realized that every class did something for me, both physically and mentally. Today, yoga helps me stay strong and flexible which I bring with me on every run.  Yoga helps me push through the challenging times in my workouts when I want to give up.  I want yoga in my life to keep me balanced.  It helps me stay focused on whatever it is for that day...a little calmer, a little more strength, a little more at peace. I recently attended a yoga class with Emily around the beginning of the New Year.  She had everyone in class pick a word that we would come back to throughout 2014.  This year, I chose determination.  I have a lot of big races planned in the next few months and I'm hoping through determination and dedication, I'll be able to achieve my goals.  I will continue to practice yoga to get me there". 

Featured Teacher of the Month: Emily Moyer
Originally from Massachusetts, Emily has lived in the Vail Valley for three years. She teaches Yoga and Art and spends her spare time skiing, hiking, biking, throwing pottery, and enjoying life in the Rocky Mountains. She earned her BA in Psychology from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC in 2010 and her 230-hour yoga certification from Asheville Yoga Center in 2009. She is currently enrolled in the 500 hour Program at AYC. Emily holds certifications in Kids, Adaptive, and Pre-natal yoga. Emily sees yoga as a way of bringing more health, happiness, and integrity into your life by strengthening the ability to tune in to inner guidance and let life blossom from that deeply connected place. She has passionately introduced the benefits of yoga to schools, community centers, nursing homes, teen lock down facilities, and yoga studios.

Upcoming Yoga Workshops
$20 for members/ $25 for non-members for each session
Saturday, March 22nd |4-6pm| Mind Body Heart with Tracy Long
Enjoy a restorative experience honoring this sacred connection. We will begin with an hour long gentle restorative flow moving from root to rise and touching on the Reichian emotional bands that reside in the field of the body. We will then delve into a conversation about Reich’s view of how emotions show up in the field of the body, accompanied by a sensual aromatherapy offering by Bronson Killpack.

Sunday, March 30th | 11am-1pm | Budokon Yoga with Tara Gokie
Join Tara for a two hour martial arts infused yoga class that will promise to get your heart racing.

Sunday, April 6th | 11am-12:30pm | Barre Yoga Workshop with Emily Dornan
This specialty class combines the best of both Yoga and Barre into one experience. Traditional Yoga poses will be infused with Barre moves to create a workout that equally tones and lengthens your entire body. No prior experience with Yoga or Barre is required.

March Substitutes
Sunday, March 2nd 9am: Emily M. Wednesday, March 5th 5pm: Chelsea Thursday, March 6th noon: Chelsea Tuesday, March 11th noon: Chelsea Thursday, March 20th 8am: Chelsea Sunday, March 30th 9am: Chelsea

See you on the mat!

Libby Maio
Aria Yoga Supervisor
Aria Athletic Club & Spa




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