Ski & Snowboard Conditioning Program in Vail's Largest Fitness Facility

Get in peak shape before ski season at Vail Mountain Resort with a 6-week fitness program, starting October 14 at Aria Athletic Club & Spa.

Winter pastimes like skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are high-intensity activities that demand a lot from your body. While many associate ‘getting fit’ with summer, winter in Vail demands an equal if not greater level of fitness preparation to avoid injury and minimize muscle soreness and fatigue.

On Oct. 14 Aria Athletic Club will launch its 26th Annual Ski & Snowboard Conditioning program, a six-week fitness series that incorporates plyometrics, agility, leg and core Colorado winter fitness.

Member Pricing

  • Full Program (30 Sessions): $150 ($5/session)
  • Morning Sessions: $144 ($8/session)
  • Evening Sessions: $120 ($10/session)

Non-Member Pricing

  • Full Program: $450
  • Morning Sessions: $306
  • Evening Sessions: $228
  • Single Session: $35

5 Sessions Per Week

  • Monday 5:30-7pm
  • Tuesday 6:15-7:30am
  • Wednesday 9-10:30am, 5:30-7pm
  • Thursday 6:15-7:30am

Don't miss the chance to get in shape with Aria's ski and snowboard conditioning program.

Space is limited. Call Vail's best fitness center, Aria Athletic Club & Spa at 970.476.7400 to secure your spot today.

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