Spoiled in Springtime

Spring may be the very best time to visit a "ski" resort!

I am so very spoiled.  Not that it’s a bad thing, but just the fact that I get to live, work and play in an area so many reserve for their vacations precludes me from most types of sympathy.  Representing a four-diamond, mutli -award winning resort only spoils me further.  I don’t think about rush-hour traffic jams or check- out lines in stores—my spring season stress primarily revolves around balancing my time with work-outs in our fitness club, walks along our recreation path and, of course, a little work.

Being spoiled, I, like many of my fellow Vailites, need reality checks, and Spring usually points that out.  Because we’ve just ended a ski-season in the world’s best (bias admitted) ski resort, with our very own chairlift on property, and because we’ve been entertained by all of the holiday festivities, winter escapades and by a myriad of special events, we locals are both accustomed to, and a bit tired from all of the adventures.  Also, because we know what summer has to offer: music, wine and dance festivals, every color wildflower you can imagine and more outdoor activities and challenges than I can count, we frequently skip the pleasures that Spring offers.

But now it is spring, and I’m in love with my home town and resort all over again.  Spoiled behavior gets pushed away by the gratitude of being here:  I love the chance to visit the Cascade’s spa Aria, and get great discounts (40% off a massage for my ski-beaten body?  Sign me up now!).  How lucky am I to watch the buds on the trees and the spring flower bulbs literally pop out overnight in the Cascade’s Porte Cochere?  And the tumbling creek that is swollen with snow melt that runs right along our hot tubs and infinity pools—perfection for this season of rejuvenation.  As the peace and quiet of our least visited season relaxes me, I realize that this might just be the time of the year that guests appreciate more than me…at least until now!

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