Libby Maio is taking the Best Yoga Program in Vail to a New Altitude

Gratitude: “My inner smile widens. I am greeted by a roomful of people who choose to come together in yoga. To celebrate the body together in a feast of souls called “yoga class” gives shape and meaning to my days. An electric charge runs through me brightly: Kudalini at work generates new and old approaches to poses, to breath, to life. Together we salute the sun daily, the moon too. We re-create the world of nature; the elements, animals, fish, moon and stars, plants and herbs, geometric shapes, and poses of great sages and children. Gratitude for this day of work, play. Gratitude.”  -Julie Rappaport

Thank you, beautiful yoga community in Vail, for welcoming me with such open arms, support and kindness. I am very excited to begin our journey together and offer the best yoga in Vail. My goal as the new Yoga Supervisor of Aria Club is to create a community of dedicated yogis through professional compassionate yoga instruction, variety of yoga class types for all abilities, special Vail yoga events and workshops. Here are some yoga tips and updates on the best yoga program in Vail, Colorado.

Take yoga off the mat and out of the studio: 

  • Hike and stretch: ½ hour hike up Vail mountain, practice yoga at the top, hike back down
  • Saturday morning yoga on the Gore creek: Practice outside to connect with earth’s energy. Practice will take place on the tennis courts, weather permitting.
  • Sunrise yoga: Practice Sun Salutations with the rising Sun
  • Spin Yoga fusion: ½ hour outdoor bike ride on Vail’s beautiful bike path, ½ hour yoga practice

New class ideas:

  • Athletes Edge: learn how yoga can enhance any sport. Each week sport specific yoga class for all abilities
  • Guided meditation
  • Men’s stretch class

FAYC: Friday Afternoon Yoga Club - Each Friday afternoon at 5:30pm, we will teach a special themed yoga class for one hour.

  • Rock your Yoga Practice and social at the Fireside Bar: FIRST ONE May 17th 5:30pm - hope you join us!
  • Restorative yoga with Tara
  • Yoga play ground: fun advanced practice to play with poses not normally practiced in regular scheduled yoga classes.
  • Yoga with wine and chocolate: Learn how yoga can boost your senses.

Special Guest Workshops - Once a month, we will host a guest instructor for a special weekend yoga workshop designed around their personal expertise.

I'm looking forward to rolling out several new yoga programs that will begin in June. Get excited and get ready tp get on to your mat! I look forward to seeing you in all of our awesome Vail yoga classes at Aria Spa & Club!

Namaste, Libby

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