The Secret to a Great Ski Season is at Aria

This year's ski conditioning program at Aria Spa & Club at Vail Cascade Resort is so terrific, the club directors guarantee success!

It’s no secret that skiing uses muscles you never knew you had, and now it’s no secret how to get those muscles ready for the season.  Various ski conditioning classes have specialized in toning bodies specifically in preparation for snow sports, and the trainers know that the key to success is in the mental work-out, too.  How does one of the best programs in the nation accomplish both aspects?  Ski Magazine and Aria Spa & Club at Vail Cascade give the inside scoop:

At Aria Spa & Club at the Vail Cascade Resort, the killer combination for snow sport success combines the latest and greatest exercises replicated from the U.S. Ski Team, the NFL and NHL training professionals taught in circuit rotations. Mike Benedict CSCS, personal trainer at Aria Spa & Club along with John Cole, the Human Performance Director for Ski & Snowboard Club Vail designed the six week program to focus on preparing the participants’ mind and body for snow sports. Aria has personal trainers and physical therapists available during classes and at after parties to offer free advice and assessments.

“I do the classes for a little extra kick in the butt before ski season starts.  That way you get the leg burn out of your system before the ski season starts—that’s the idea”
- Kyle Griffith, Vail

“SKI Magazine is a huge advocate of pre-season training and conditioning.  What a great way to have fun getting in shape, to prevent injury and ski as long as you can this season—and you certainly couldn’t ask for a better location”
- Kimberly Elpers, SKI Magazine editor, San Francisco

“The components, like the films, serve as an inspiration.  That’s the reason you’re there—everyone is either a skier or snowboarder and the movie add excitement to the classes”
- Patti Hyre, Vail

Recognized as the first of its kind, Aria Spa & Club’s ski conditioning program is a hit each year.  Part work-out, part high energy motivation, participants in the six week program each fall are guaranteed the best winter sports preparation of their lives.  Aria Spa & Club holds after parties with prize giveaways and food and drink.  The excitement factor creates a training environment that is fun, not grueling and is guaranteed to prepare you to be in the best shape for your ski season ever!

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