Strategic Account Director Margaret Coyle Explores the DMC Option

We here at the Vail Cascade have our own on-site DMC which has great advantages for some groups.  A DMC represents the client, their goals and objectives to the vendors in the region where a program is being held.  A client benefits from the DMC’s knowledge of local products, service quality and reliability.  A DMC will negotiate on the client’s behalf, always keeping their best interest and budget in mind.  When choosing a location, ask first if the hotel has an onsite DMC (they would have the best relationships) and if not, who would they recommend?  Be sure to secure a DMC that is local and knows the area you are considering.

Some benefits when working with an on-site DMC:

  • One contact and payment to keep all details in line with everything simple
  • Knowledge of the finest local venues, activity vendors, décor, transportation and other event services
  • On-going relationships with vendors to obtain the best quality, service and negotiations.
  • Creative ideas for special events teambuilding and those challenging situations
  • Access to and experience with the new, exclusive and unique venues and restaurant.
  • Program Design
  • Logistics Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Accounting

I personally had a group last week where our onsite DMC performed a flawless program for over 300 people.  They arranged teambuilding; dine around, activities, transportation, satellite check in, decor and so much more. 

When considering a location that has an onsite DMC ask for references from past successful groups that have used the DMC.

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