Transform Your Meeting with Unique Group Transportation; Making the Trip Part of the Fun!

Have you ever wanted to bring your conference group to a really unique mountain destination, only to discover the transfer costs puts it out of your price range?  Don’t you just wish you could do something they’ll remember and talk about for the next year instead of another city destination? We wish that too! Most of the Destination Hotels & Resorts’ properties are located in resort destinations, offering beautiful scenery and once-in-a-lifetime experiences; a trip most attendees may never take on their own.  As experts in the destination location, we can offer some friendly advice on getting your group there.

  1. Check with the CVB or Tourism Bureau – especially for the time periods where the destination is not in peak demand (i.e. ski resorts outside of ski season), you may be able to find a local CVB willing to help with the transfer cost to get the business to their local area.
  2. Package the cost – if meeting attendees typically pay for their own rooms and transfers, offer to package the rooms to include transfer fees and work with the hotel to ensure you are staying in line with the total budget for each item.  You may also be surprised what attendees are happy to absorb for a unique locale. 
  3. One stop flights – while we all prefer to avoid multiple stops on flights to any destination, be sure to check the pricing for stopping over in the closest major city and then connecting to the local airport.  It could actually save you time and money! 
  4. In-house DMC – check with your hotels to see if any of the Conference Service/Convention Service teams are also DMC certified.  If so, they can help with the manifest and travel arrangements and post it all to your master account for ease of billing and great discounts.  Not to mention it takes one more thing off your plate.
  5. Sponsors and partnerships – get sponsors to help defray the cost of the transfers in exchange for ads in your conference collateral or even at your conference if you have exhibitors.  
  6. Go for Charter Buses – overall these will save money even over a group discount code and individual shuttle transfers.  Know how many buses you will need and contract only that amount of shuttle capacity.  It may also help, when possible, to schedule transfers of all attendees within a four-to-eight hour window. 

Even when going to a fun city destination like Tampa, Los Angeles, San Diego or Austin, check with each property for ideas on transfers not only to their properties, but also around the areas for fabulous local fun.  Depending on the size and constituency of your group, perhaps a Segwey tour to the local off site dining experience would be better than golf carts.  Or maybe renting pedal bikes (mobile bars with stools where each rider pedals to help move the bike along) is a great teambuilding idea for the reception on the way to the beach party dinner or outdoor concert activity.  With these fun options getting around becomes part of the adventure; the race is on! Destination Hotels & Resorts consists of unique properties in unique destinations, with a one-of-a-kind sales force that knows how to think outside the box.  Let the experts at Destination Hotels & Resorts help you with your next meeting and turn it into a fun experience for your attendees, and for you as the planner. 

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