Vail Cascade Resort - a Premier Colorado Conference Center in Vail

Anticipating the needs for connectivity for a conference can feel a lot like a high-wire act - and it is!

In today’s world, it is the norm for the individual attendee to have a smartphone, a laptop and/or a tablet with them while attending a conference. We all feel the need to remain “plugged in” to the world around us – at every minute of the day. Ever try to take a phone away from a teenager or a Blackberry from an executive? Well, I wouldn't suggest it. Gone are the days when a meeting planner’s only IT concern was about having connectivity for their presenter; today’s world demands that the event planner be considerate of everyone’s insatiable need for connectivity. Whether it is wireless Internet (with or without an access/security code), the size of the bandwidth, firewall protection or the need for a satellite truck (yes, there are still some parts of the world that aren't “hot”), today’s meeting planner needs to be aware of all options.

Luckily, the Vail Cascade Resort, a premier Colorado meeting facility, has a solid network of internet options to support the leisure guest, the conference center and the hotel administration who is serving your guest. Here is where the story gets a little technical…. 

Guest rooms and meeting rooms at the Vail Cascade Resort all share a 10 Mbps (Megabits per second) copper over Ethernet solution. This coverage is 100% complementary at this Colorado event and meeting venue. Guests can enjoy wireless speeds averaging between 5 and 10 Mbps download and between 4- 8 Mbps upload. Vail guest rooms also come hard wired as a backup solution for any users that have a broken wireless connection, or serve a non-wireless groups or agency that is not allowed to hit wireless for security reasons.  This complimentary service is exactly that - complimentary. 

For live presentations via the internet to a large audience, a dedicated line is recommended. Vail Cascade’s meeting facility has the option of offering 4 dedicated 3 Mbps Century-Tel circuits in the hotel and meeting rooms. We have several options to create the most ideal solution for the guest. Now for the grand finale - if necessary, we can add all the 3 MB DSL circuits to one area, blowing the bandwidth up to 12 Mbps and large business scale telecom services such as T-1’s for groups for either internet service or connectivity back to their home WAN.  

So, the moral of the story is… if you are reading this blog on the internet (and I know you are), the real question is “what device are you using to connect to the web”? My point exactly. Now put down your device and listen to your guest speaker. The coffee break is almost here, presenting another opportunity to reconnect.

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