Vail Cascade Resort Welcomes New Marketing Manager

Seasoned marketing pro is welcomed to the Vail Cascade team!

Rob Henderson, Director of Sales and Marketing is very pleased to announce the appointment of Claire Christensen to the Marketing Manager position at Vail Cascade Resort.  Christensen brings extensive experience in marketing and has a demonstrated her passion for her vocation primarily in Vail.  She has been part of marketing teams valley-wide, including Vail Resorts, East West Partners and most recently, the Sebastian Hotel in Vail.  Additionally, she has developed her own internet marketing company, Marketing Tempest.
Christensen also brings an enthusiasm for all aspects of online strategies such as web analytics, e-marketing, SEO, SEA and PPC.  One of her first endeavors in her new role will be assisting in the creation of a new website for the Vail Cascade; her experience and ongoing research in cutting edge internet technology will be a tremendous asset, according to sales and marketing director Rob Henderson.  Previous professional roles have allowed her to develop extensive knowledge of the online world, including the management of eight websites as Webmaster, and  utilizing internet technology to drive revenue and track metrics.  She brings an enthusiasm for all aspects of traditional marketing and specific abilities in online strategies such as web analytics, e-marketing, SEO, SEA and PPC.
She is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration, and pursues extensive professional development opportunities. 
As an avid outdoor enthusiast, she plans to ride her bike to work often, and enjoys visiting faraway tropical beach locations.
Claire Christensen can be reached at 970-479-5950 and

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