What is Yoga Body Bootcamp?

Not only is Vail Cascade one of the best ski mountain resorts in Colorado, but it is also home to yoga and wellness at Aria Spa & Club. Aria's expert yoga instructors will help you connect mind, body and spirit while you become more flexible, energetic and at peace - even in the midst of a stressful environment.

Aria Club is now offering a "mind blowing, body shifting, life changing" Yoga Body Bootcamp......

MiYOGA BODY BOOTCAMP™ is the revolutionary new yoga-fitness hybrid created by Deborah Williamson. Think Cross-fit intelligence combined with sweaty, sultry appeal of Zumba, and you’ll have an inkling of the flavor of YOGA BODY BOOTCAMP™ – one ever-evolving work-out that will blow your mind AND body.

Get ready for a combination of Biggest Loser, Amazing Race, and Survivor adrenaline mixed with the inner stillness of yoga. Crazy fun combined with yoga asana, fitness bootcamp stations and a whole new brain chemistry. But instead of the runner’s high, we’ll explore the different brain-wave states.

Call for more details and to sign up at Aria Spa & Club!

Kristina R Kuzmich,  RYT. LMT.
Yoga Program Supervisor
Vail Cascade Resort: ARIA Club & Spa

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