When Was the Last Time You Faced Your Fears?

Do you remember the first time you ventured down the slopes? When you contemplated your first ski trip, did you ask yourself, “what should I wear?” or “will I get clobbered by the chairlift?”,  “what happens if one of my skis falls off?” or even "what if I hit a bump and fall down?” These are all legitimate questions for a first-time skier.

By the fifth or sixth time, you couldn’t get enough. You couldn’t wait to experience the thrill down the hill. The feel of the snowflakes on your face.  Your friends laughing in unison as you followed each other down the mountain. 

Nature has a wonderful way of making us face our fears and it’s easier somehow when we have friends and family to share it with! Vail Cascade is all about sharing those kinds of experiences with year-round mountain fun, ski-in, ski-out access from Chair 20, our on-property chairlift, in-house ski rentals, a ski concierge, and a nice roaring fireplace to warm up to in the Fireside Bar after your day of adventure. Melt those aches and pains away with a massage at Aria Spa & Club, followed by a scrumptious dinner at Atwater on Gore Creek.

We recently were lucky enough to have Masada Siegel from the Canadian Jewish News and her sister Audrey stay at the Vail Cascade, and Audrey was able to conquer her fears. Check out Masada’s blog about Audrey’s first experience on Vail Mountain. It’s full of great life lessons and it will hearken you back to the first time you tried skiing or faced your fears for the first time and conquered them! Whether it be skiing for the first time, or trying a board for the first time…whatever you do, don’t give up! Tomorrow’s another day!

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