Whitewater and Daffodils = Spring in Vail!

Sure signs of Spring in Vail

Every year, more daffodils and tulips pop up all over our beautiful area, ensuring that it is indeed spring.  A little quick research shows me that these bulbs propagate freely, producing more flowers each year, if they are in the right environment.  Crisp nights, strong sun and plenty of water do the trick up here, regardless of spring snow storms, and sometimes it seems like new flowers pop up every hour.
And that part above about “plenty of water”?  Well, we have it now!  Seems like it is going to be an outstanding year for all water paddle sports like rafting and kayaking.  Any day now, I’ll start seeing boaters on the creeks and rivers right outside my window on a consistent basis—in fact, there is even an “season opening” celebration at the Vail Whitewater Park this week, with some cool (literally—think snow-melt!) kayak demonstrations.

Check it out in person, or watch it on the video I’ll post next week on this site. 

Tuesday, May 18, 5:00 - 7:00 pm, International Bridge, Vail.
The Vail Whitewater Park Kayak Demos are presented by Alpine Quest Sports. Come and watch from 5-7pm at International Bridge in Vail Village to view the demos. Experienced kayakers will have the opportunity to demo kayaks free of charge. Spectators will be able to observe local & visiting kayakers taking advantage of the world class river features in Vail's Whitewater Park. Fun for the whole family!

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