Internationally acclaimed Yogi at Aria Spa & Club

Aria Spa and Club is pleased to host Peter Sterios during weekend workshop

  Come experience Peter's unique teaching style and genuinely approachable presence. You will be surprised at his manner of guiding you back to that place of “beginner's mind” and the qualities of innocent curiosity, both extremely useful tools for developing your very own personal "inner teacher."
"Gravity and Grace" - The Power of Surrender and Intuitive Response
Aria Spa & Club
June 4-6, 2010
$35 per session or $125 for the entire workshop.
In this hatha yoga program, you will discover and strengthen your ability to balance gravity and grace - ever-present tools that uncover physical and mental limitations and heighten present-moment awareness. Through strengthening awareness of the subtle body, you will naturally begin to resolve limitations and reawaken dormant creativity.
During the weekend, we will learn to
•Harness the subtle external force of gravity
*Educate our bodies and sharpen our attention toward the internal call for surrender while meeting physical resistance
•“Tone” intuition and build trust in the feeling centers of the heart and gut
•Awaken to the subtle internal force of grace, which appears when psychological resistance is subdued and guidance comes from an inspired source much greater than our own intelligence
•Develop and trust the “inner teacher” as we cultivate a truly personal practice and the wisdom born of our own experience.

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