Yoga "Privates" at Aria Spa & Club in Vail

Did you know that a yoga “private” can help you take your practice deeper by working on specific alignment issues, developing a clearer sense of breath-work and finding optimal sequencing for previous or past injuries as well as injury prevention? Working with an instructor one-on-one opens up the practice to just you and your breath, helping you better understand your body, its movements and how your breath can synch to its rhythm. Your instructor will answer your questions and provide a safe and personalized practice for you!


How To Set Up Your Private Vail Yoga Session at Aria Spa & Club

Pick an Aria yoga Instructor that speaks to you; perhaps one whom you have been taking instruction from and really enjoy.  Let them know you are interested in a private session. Together, you two can schedule a time that fits your schedule, and when the studio is not in use. You may pay before or after the session at the Aria Front Desk.  

Yoga Private Pricing: 

One Single Session, $90
6-Package Sessions, $78 per session ($468)
12-Package Sessions, $72 per session ($864) 

One Single Session, $100
6-Pack Session, $88 per session ($528)
12-Package Sessions, $82 per session ($984) 

Giving you a heads up…keep your schedules open as the the Aria Yoga Program is pleased to host its first ever Yoga Month this September! 

Things to look forward to for Yoga Month in September:

  • 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  • Prizes and Gifts
  • Discounts on specific Aria Boutique Yoga Apparel
  • Workshops and fun advanced trainings
  • Special Candlelight Yoga classes
  • Nancy Kate Williams Workshops
  • Yoga and Vino 

For a complete schedule of Aria’s current yoga classes, click here or call 970.476.7400. 

See you on the mat!

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