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PRACTICE the Eight Limbs

The Yoga Sutras presented by Patanjali outline a plan for living that flows from action to knowledge to liberation. This plan, or path, has eight limbs that give the practitioner the tools to achieve profound peace by merging with the object of contemplation. Over the next few months we will explore the eight limbs of yoga.

In February our focus is the eighth and final limb of yoga Samadhi or contemplation and integration.
Samadhi is the highest stage in meditation in which a person experiences oneness with the universe. It is enlightment and ecstasy.
“This final moment in the eight limbs of yoga is about allowing grace to happen. Not hoping for it to happen, not trying hard to let it happen, not believeing that one day it will happen-this final moment is about letting it happen. It is about shining, and who are we not to shine.”


Get to know your teachers: Aislinn Walton 
Aislinn teaches a variety of class types which are physically challenging for those who request rigor, yet she also caters to meditation and restorative classes with a focus on easing stress and tension. Each experience is rich with intention and purpose while combining elements of meditation, breath, and yoga postures. Aislinn’s teaching style is unique, patient and therapeutic due to the vast array of styles she has learned from her personal teachers, and is also influenced by her travels through South East Asia and time spent living and teaching in Panama and Costa Rica. She strongly believes that yoga is simply a tool to infuse life with ease and compassion, and her intention is to show just how powerful and transformative yoga can be for every mind and every body. When Aislinn isn’t teaching, she is exploring the mountains, cooking lots of healthy food, designing web pages and planning her next international adventure.

Hip and Shoulder Love: An Anatomy and Vinyasa Yoga Workshop Series with Margeaux Candlin and Melissa Strzelinski.
Hip Love
Friday, February 24th at 5:30-7:30pm
Our hips do a big job. They bear weight, stabilize the upper body, support the lower limbs and absorb shock. In this two hour workshop you will learn how to activate the muscles in our hips and pelvic area to increase agility in athletic pursuits and to feel strong moving through your daily routines.
Mellisa Strzelinski, Howard Head physical therapist, will lead a thirty minute anatomy discussion and Margeaux Candlin will teach a ninety minute vinyasa practice dedicated to creating strength and flexibility in the hips. All interested students welcome.
Shoulder Love
Friday, March 10th at 5:30-7:30pm
The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, making it vulnerable to injury. It is imperative to move with smart awareness in our vinyasa practice to maintain and increase our strength in our shoulders. This class will allow you to move through your vinyasa’s with ease and the confidence to know you are treating your body with love. We will begin with a 30 minute discussion of the anatomy of the shoulders by Mellisa Strzelinski, Howard Head physical therapist. Margeaux Candlin will then teach a ninety minute vinyasa practice focusing on creating strength and stability in the shoulder girdle. Everyone welcome.

About your hosts:

Margeaux has been teaching yoga since 2010 and has over 350 hours of training. Margeaux teaches a vinyasa based class that creates strength and flexibility. Margeaux has studied yoga with Teri Leigh Schmidt, Core Power Yoga in Boulder, and is currently pursuing a Smart Flow certification with Annie Carpenter. She is passionate about creating heath in the mind and body through yoga, meditation, and nutrition. Margeaux is a registered nurse and works at the Vail Valley Surgery Center.

Melissa is a physical therapist who is currently working at Howard Head Sports Medicine. Melisa earned bachelor of science degrees in journalism and dance as well as a graduate degree in physical therapy from the University of Wisconsin. Melissa’s clinical expertise in dance medicine afforded her the role of staff physical therapist to the Joffrey Ballet, Joffrey Academy of Dance, and River North Dance Chicago. Melissa provided injury screenings and clinical care to numerous educational institutions. Melissa is currently pursuing her PhD in orthopedic and sport science through Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah.
For Members: $20 for one class, or $30 if you sign up for both classes
For Drop-ins: $25 for one class, $40 if you sign up for both classes
*Please note on the day of the scheduled workshop we will be replacing the Friday evening Stretch and Restore class with the workshop.



Anjali Restorative Yoga
Instructor: Besty Lewis
Join Betsy the first Saturday of every month for Anjali Restorative Yoga. Anjali Restorative Yoga is a well-respected style of nourishing, gentle yoga founded and developed by Shannon Paige. Anjali Restorative Yoga is a rich practice of deep and meditative support, both physically and emotionally. The practitioner is held by bolsters, pillows and blankets for sustained periods of time in deeply rejuvenative postures. The hallmark of an Anjali Restorative Yoga practice is that the restorative spaces are held with incredible detail to ease, rich imagery, guided meditations, and restoring pranayama/breathing practices. This one hour practice is suited for all and is free for members.

Friday noon class will be removed from the schedule.

Tuesday, February 21st at noon: Chelsea
Saturday, February 25th 8:30am: Bronson

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