Libby Libby Maio, Yoga Supervisor

Practicing yoga will create a higher sense of awareness of the physical body, thought patterns of the mind and movement of energy as a means of discovering a truer sense of self. A student can practice to cross train for any sport, to rehabilitate or as a tool to open the mind to a deeper sense of peace.  

Libby's Credentials

  • Certified Yoga for Athletes Instructor by Argie Tang 2003
  • Completed Study of Anatomy for Yoga CMC 2003
  • Certified Power of Yoga for Healing by Charles and Lisa Matkin 2005
  • Certified Prana Shakti: The power and path of yoga by Rod Stryker 2012
  • Certified Tantra Shakti: Light on Self-mastery by Rod Stryker 2013
  • Certified Vinyasa Krama: Energetics of Sequencing by Rod Stryker 2015
  • Certified in the  Koshas: Unleashing the science of the soul with Rod Stryker 2017


Our instructors include: 

  •    LIBBY MAIO, Yoga Supervisor
    Libby Maio began her study of Yoga 18 years ago practicing with Barbara Benagh at The Yoga Studio in Beacon Hill, Boston. As Libby’s yoga practice grew she realized the transformative practice was something she wanted to share with family, friends and her community. In 2004 after completing her first yoga teacher training she began teaching at Yoga for Athletes in Vail Colorado. Since that time she has taught variety of students that come to their mats for a variety of reasons and believe your students can sometimes be your best teachers. Libby has also completed over 300 hours of continuing education and training mostly in the ParaYoga discipline founded by Rod Stryker. 
    Libby’s years of yoga practice and experiences have defined her style of teaching. As a traditional yoga teacher her class includes mantra, chanting, pranayama and meditation along with asana while infusing humor, compassion and love.

    Margeaux has been teaching yoga since 2010 and has 350 hrs. of training. She teaches a vinyasa based class that creates strength and flexibility.  She has studied yoga with Teri Leigh Schmidt, Core Power Yoga in Boulder, and is currently pursuing a Smart Flow certification with Annie Carpenter. She is passionate about creating heath in the mind and body through yoga, meditation, and nutrition. Margeaux also works as a nurse in orthopedics. Margeaux lives in Edwards, Colorado and enjoys playing in the mountains.

    I have lived in Vail for 33 years.  I have my own practice of acupuncture and have been practicing for nearly 15 years. I have enjoyed yoga since 1994, starting in San Diego with a Richard Freeman master (Ashtanga). I enjoy anything outdoors, skiing, biking, golfing, hiking, and beach activities.

    Tracy is originally from Richmond, Virginia. She has literally spent her whole life drawn to movement. Tracy dove into swimming, gymnastics and ballet at an early age and began synchronized swimming when she was seven. Synchro captivated Tracy. It melded movement, music, friends and breath control into one. Over time it became her one focus, and while it allowed her to travel the world for competitions, it was the deliberate practice and being surrounded by others who shared her passion that Tracy truly enjoyed. After synchro, Tracy started running marathons, and after college, Tracy learned to ski, got certified to teach spinning, and started training for and competing in both on and off road triathlons. She had learned that life without practice was for her, just not focused or motivating. Excessive training led to more injuries than races, and from a friend's suggestion, Tracy first tried yoga in 2000. For three straight months, she did the same Rodney Yee video daily (he has such a dreamy voice) and healed her injuries. For quite a few years, yoga remained a fix-it and was pretty sporadic. But in 2008, Tracy began what has turned into a lifelong journey of studentship. She has become an experienced and caring vinyasa based teacher. And guess what? Yoga melds movement, music, friends and breath control into one!
    Tracy first trained with Mindy Arbuckle where she gained a deep respect for the ancient systems of yoga. Committed to her own growth, she spent several years studying with Baron Baptiste. Since 2012, Tracy has been blessed to be mentored by and studying under Shannon Paige: a rich and dynamic teacher, poet, and artist, who inspires her to be creative, thoughtful and entirely in love with the giving and receiving of the practice and teachings of yoga. In 2015, Tracy was drawn to Carmen Curtis' AIReal Yoga program, where she has literally been blown away by this revolutionary therapeutic modality. 
    Tracy is a versatile teacher, whose BIG LOVE is teaching foundational classes. Each class offering is thoughtfully based on progressive sequencing to ensure that the student experiences a sense of mastery and self confidence while feeling nurtured and supported throughout the practice. Tracy is convinced that all of the magic, the rasa, the juiciness of yoga resides in the beginner's practice.
    Tracy is a 500 hour certified teacher in the School of Embodied Poetics founded by Shannon Paige, and is certified to teach AIReal Yoga founded by Carmen Curtis.

    If I have learned anything through 25 years of yoga practice it is that the practice keeps changing as my needs change.  As a teacher I try to tune in to the needs of my students and offer what it is they need.  I have experienced Power Yoga,  Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Anusara Yoga and Para Yoga , therapeutic yoga and yoga nidra. Most of my training comes from the schools of Anusara and Para Yoga.  Students often ask me what style I teach now?  I don’t have a name for it but it is a slower moving practice including some pranyama and meditation with a goal of realigning the body, of deepening self knowledge, of finding balance in movement and flexibility, and of harmony in mind and body.  

    Geordy moved to Vail for a season after college in 1993. Since then he has worked from slinging hamburgers at Two Elk to an Executive Chef job in Beaver Creek and invited to the James Beard House to showcase what was happening in Colorado cooking. Recently, in the last ten years, he started doing yoga and teaching skiing out of Lionshead.  Then he took a teacher's training course from local yoga, and meditation celebrity Karen Anderson.  Geordy teaches in the Ashtanga style, with lightheartedness.  When not on the mat you will find Geordy training the ski instructors of Vail, teaching on the hill, or playing with his wife and two kids.

    I am so very excited to be here at the Cascade. I cannot describe fully what this opportunity to teach Yoga means to me but do believe I can show you through the passion and love that I will bring to each and every class I lead. I have lived in the Vail Valley since 2007. I love this place. It is home to me and every day I feel that I am living my dream!
    My formal introduction to Yoga started in December of 2011, just 5-months after a very serious head injury from a skateboard accident. It nearly took my life. I was air lifted to Denver Health on a helicopter. I can’t begin to tell you how well they took care of me. I went through 5-major brain surgeries over 2 ½ years. The first 2 were within 24-hours of the accident. I spent the first few weeks after the accident in an induced coma. This was needed to allow by body time to stabilize and begin healing. 
    I remember coming out of the coma. There was this light, not the light of the hospital room but a deeper light of understanding, of direction, of comfort, of knowing. It would take time but I knew it would all be ok! Sometimes, it’s the bumps in life that help one refocus on what is important. 
    One of the outcomes of the accident was that I connected with Yoga! It’s really, more than that…it was a coming together of many experiences of my life. Living in northern Utah where I learned to snowboard at an early age, learned to love the mountains and being outdoors. It was also having a mom with the connection to the vibration that really drives the world, the universe. It was moving to Delaware as a teenager to reinforce that I belong in the mountains. All these things came together in a way that led me to know that Yoga was for me. 
    That light I saw coming out of the coma is still with me today. I can’t imagine being in any other place, doing any other thing than connecting with you through Yoga. You are vibrant beings. I love practicing with you at my side, practicing next to me just down dogging it. I love you all. Namaste

    Elena is one of many who accidentally ended up in Vail. Vail was a stopping point after college at CU Boulder. She didn’t think she’d ever move back when she left Vail and returned to her “Sweet home Chicago” for social work school. That was 25 years, a husband, two kids, a variety of pets, a counseling practice, and more than a few yoga teacher trainings ago. She’s been here ever since. She blames her husband, Snowden for luring her back here all those years ago.
    “I feel a strong kinship with these craggy mountains. This landscape and all it offers is a part of me in a deep way. I can’t believe my good fortune, being able to live here and raise our children in this environment. This is home.”
    Elena enjoys hiking, skiing, road biking, getting lost in nature, cooking and laughing with friends, and most of all lots of family time with Snowden her 16 year old son, Pete, and 12 year old daughter, Nellie. She’s a voracious reader of varied taste when she’s not outside.
    She started to practice yoga as a way to support her long standing meditation practice. She has studied with many master teachers in both the Buddhist and yogic traditions. . She’s been teaching the 6am yoga class at Aria since 1999.
    “Teaching yoga for me is about creating a relaxed space so participants can explore their bodies and minds and what it means to be human. There’s real power that comes from engaging the direct experience of body and mind that yoga and meditation offers. The community of friends that naturally develops while sharing these practices is life enriching. I love the spacious room at Aria. It’s a great place to teach for all the members and visitors.”
    Elena teaches all levels. Her classes are always different, engage body and mind, and emphasize the power of direct observation and attention.

    With over 1000 hours of official teacher training, Joe Joe has practiced and trained since '99 in many of the varied yoga styles over the years. But it wasn't until he was introduced to the dynamic ebb and flow, universal rhythm of Bhakti Flow, that he found himself able to really resonate with this living practice. Bhakti Flow is a devotional expression of Vinyasa. Loving for love's sake, living within the Spunda of all creation. Finding bliss and selfless devotion, to yourself and others, through your unique understanding of what radiates through all life. This form of life practice is energetic and playful, where spontaneous mediation can occur. Asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation.

    Lee Ashley first took the Anjali Restorative teacher training in 2012 and then completed the 200 hour Integrated Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in 2013.  Vail has been home for Lee since 1993 where he enjoys all that the mountains have to offer, including hiking, rafting, skiing and kayaking.  His own yoga practice motivated him to return to school, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Wellness and Alternative Medicine with special focus on Ayurveda, Reiki and Homeopahy. I am also pursuing a Masters degree in Ayurveda from Maharishi University of Management.

    Betsy started practicing yoga for the physical benefits and like many before her, found that she really loved the mental and spiritual benefits! Yoga calms the spirit, slows down the mind and unwinds the muscles. Anyone can benefit from the practice yoga. Her desire is to make her classes accessible to all. Betsy has studied Vinyasa style yoga, Anjali Restorative Yoga and has taken many workshops to enhance her teaching. With a background in Massage therapy, Betsy brings a knowledge of the neuromuscular body to her classes.

    Aislinn teaches a variety of class types which are physically challenging for those who request rigor, yet she also caters to meditation and restorative classes with a focus on easing stress and tension. Each experience is rich with intention and purpose while combining elements of meditation, breath, and yoga postures. Aislinn’s teaching style is unique, patient and therapeutic due to the vast array of styles she has learned from her personal teachers, and is also influenced by her travels through South East Asia and time spent living and teaching in Panama and Costa Rica. She strongly believes that yoga is simply a tool to infuse life with ease and compassion, and her intention is to show just how powerful and transformative yoga can be for every mind and every body. When Aislinn isn’t teaching, she is exploring the mountains, cooking lots of healthy food, designing web pages and planning her next international adventure.    

    Jenny Harrison is a 225 hour Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher.  She has lived in the Valley for 20 years and has been practicing yoga for 11 years.  When she's not on her mat she enjoys being outside with her husband and daughter, snowboarding, gardening, surfing, music and anything French.  She came to yoga just to try something new not realizing it would completely transform her life.  She continued to come back for the enjoyment of the practice and the changes she noticed off of her mat.  Yoga has helped her create more space, peace and presence in her life.  She loves how yoga is an on-going journey of learning and growth.  Yoga has helped her to create a more authentic and joyful way of being.   She became a yoga teacher to share her love of yoga with others & to create more meaningful connections.  Jenny teaches a fun and challenging vinyasa flow that is accessible for everyone.  Challenging yourself on your mat can help you to grow on and off your mat.  Jenny has an uplifting energy for an inspirational class.

    Prisca Boris has been teaching and developing yoga programs designed for professional and
    recreational athletes for over 20 years. With her first teacher and mentor, Argie Ligeros, Yoga
    for Athletes was born. They spent many years teaching two methods, Cross Training with Yoga
    and Pulse Yoga. Both methods were designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance to
    improve performance in sports and increase the overall recovery rate in the body.
    Her latest collaboration with Ame Onofrey has resulted in the development of the ONO
    Method. This program focuses on postural alignment and greater strength for increased
    mobility in the body. Prisca has tested this approach to yoga on her students as well as with
    herself and has seen amazing results in sports performance and overall health.
    Join us in welcoming Prisca back to the Cascade Club this winter, Wednesday nights at 5:30.

    My entire life I have always been involved in sports, kickboxing, running, cycling, and anything that provided a high intensity work out. In 2013 after graduating from college I was searching for something new in my life. I decided to take a new approach on what physical activities I wanted to do with my body. I needed something to slow me down and open up my muscles, which is when I found yoga. I immediately fell in love with the practice and the studio I was going to. After 6 months, I decided to jump right in and take on the 200 hour teacher training at Revolution Power Yoga. After 7 months of intense mental and physical training, my whole perspective of yoga had shifted in such a beautiful way. I came to the realization that there is so much more to yoga than the physical practice, so I decided to partake in the 5 week teacher development program quickly after my teacher training ended.
    Ever since, I have been teaching and assisting at Revolution Power Yoga, and my passion for the practice has continued to grow. I plan to continue this growth by taking on some more advanced trainings, and branch out to other studios and start making connections with new students and teachers.

  •   Nicola Farrer                                                                                                                               Nicola Farrer is a student first, teacher second of yoga asana. She brings an element of light-hearted-ness to each and every unique class she leads. Taking traditional postures and creating mindful sequences she gives her students the opportunity to really discover themselves – to tap into the power of their own minds, bodies and spirits. Nicola believes in the importance of the power of touch. She winds herself artfully through the studio offering assists and adjustments to EVERY student present and these skillfully guided adjustments help students find an unknown depth in their practice. All classes are suitable for all levels of practioners and Nicola is also certified to teach pre-natal yoga. Nicola has studied under Argie Tang (Yoga for Athletes) and Alanna Kaivalya (The Kaivalya Yoga Method). She is inspired by Rumi, Timber Hawkeye (Buddhist Bootcamp), Charry Morris and her own three beautiful children. 
    Leisha Knight began the Yoga Journey while performing as an acrobat and aerialist for Cirque du Soleil.  She loves the balance and connection that it created in her own life and decided to share that through teaching.  Leisha has had the privilege of studying with many wonderful teachers including; Annie Carpenter, David Williams, Nicki Doane, Baron Baptiste, and primarily Shiva Rea with whom she completed her 500 hour teacher training.  Leisha likes to combine dynamic movement, breath, and fluid energy in her Vinyasa classes while challenging her students to increase their energy, strength, flexibility, and sustainability. She loves to play music and to have a great time exploring YOGA!  She loves the Yoga Journey and is passionate about sharing that journey with her students!
    Marta started practicing yoga is 2008 at Moksha Yoga Montreal, and it was then when she was first introduced to Baptise Power Flow. Practicing yoga during college helped her stay focused and stress free during busy times. When she moved back to Dallas after graduating she started attending yoga more frequently and eventually realized that she would love to teach yoga to others. Marta finished her 200-hour teacher training in vinyasa power flow with Amy Johnson, her mentor, and Adri Kyser in Twist Power Yoga in Dallas. Soon after Marta moved to Milan to pursue her Masters and taught English yoga classes at Beyoga Milano, Italy. Marta says “I love teaching my vinyasa classes to music and believe in the power of yoga to calm, cultivate and create new possibilities!”


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